Quote of the day—Gabriella Hoffman

Criminals will use whatever tool is at their disposal—be it a 3-D printed AR-15, handgun, or knife—to inflict pain onto their victims. Unfortunately for gun controllers, none of their beloved laws or bills have deterred criminals from committing ghastly acts. In fact, they have invited more crime.

It’s time for our opponents finally to get serious about tackling criminal misuse of firearms, not scapegoat 3D printed firearms.

Gabriella Hoffman
May 15, 2020
The Truth About 3-D Printed Guns and Criminal Gun Usage
[If it were about crime the anti-gun people might be persuaded by the truth. But the truth about guns and crime is irrelevant to the motivation of most anti-gun politicians. Power flows from the barrel of a gun and they want that power removed from the hands of those who might oppose their accumulation of power.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Gabriella Hoffman

  1. As I’ve said many times, if gun control actually worked to reduce violent crime, South Chicago would be among the safest places in the country. While I agree that the politicians and their apparatchiks are all about keeping guns out of the hands of their opponents, the useful idiots who keep electing them really believe that people who don’t let laws against murder, rape, robbery, or other crimes stop them, will somehow be stopped by laws that attempt to keep weapons out of their hands. Even hard doses of reality like the Rodney King riots in LA, or the current COVID crisis haven’t changed their minds, despite a huge uptick in firearms purchases. Their attitude seems to be guns for me but not for thee.

  2. or, more prosaically, they want power to flow _to them_ from the wellspring of populist moral panic, through the barrels of the guns they’re scapegoating to take advantage of that moral panic. most gun banning politicians likely aren’t the least bit afraid of the people, they’re just taking cynical advantage of mindless outrage, sometimes after deliberately stirring it up themselves.

  3. Sorry Ms. Hoffman. We don’t need the morons in charge of gun-control getting serious about anything. Other than actually moving to their ideological homeland, say Cuba. Or Zimbabwe.

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