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Gun sales soared in Virginia as Democrats passed several new gun-control measures during February, according to an industry report.

Nearly 66,000 background checks were performed in Virginia in February as the state’s Democratic-controlled legislature weighs a number of strict background checks—a steep increase from the 40,381 checks performed in February 2019. Virginia experienced one of the most dramatic upticks in background checks—a strong indicator of total sales—in the nation, according to data released by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). Gun sales are up nationwide with average growth rates of 16.7 percent, according to the report, but the surge was especially dramatic in Virginia where checks rose by 63.4 percent compared to 2019.

The spike in Virginia gun sales, which have increased for four consecutive months, shows that guns remain at the forefront of many residents’ minds.

Stephen Gutowski
March 5, 2020
Virginia Gun Sales Surge as Dems Pass Gun Control — Monthly sales up 60 percent from 2019
[If the anti-gun people were data driven and really believed “there are too many guns in the hands of private citizens” their behavior would be just the opposite of what they have been doing for decades. This is just one more datum demonstrating the error of their ways.

Spelling it out for them:

Every time there is serious talk, or the actually passage , of a law increasing the restrictions on the specific enumerated right to keep and bear arm the sales of firearms increase.

This was true during the Clinton administration and passage of the Brady Bill and the “assault weapon” ban.

This was true during the Obama administration and their frequent attempts to increase restrictions.

This was true in the fall of 2016 when it appeared Hillary Clinton was going to win the presidency and increase restrictions on gun ownership.

Increasing restrictions on guns cause people to buy guns!

The rate of sales would decrease if restrictions were to decrease because people would think they could always get a gun later if they really needed one.

One has to conclude they are not data driven and/or they don’t really want a decrease in the total number of guns in circulation.—Joe]


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  1. I had a thought: If WA State anti-gun legislators really wanted to screw things up, they’d make it mandatory to have suppressors on concealed carry sidearms and any firearm relatively immediately accessible for home self-defense.

    On paper, they’d be arguing about how nobody wears hearing protection on a regular basis, and suppressed CCW weapons are critical to avoid permanently damaging the hearing of both the user and the bystanders. Unsuppressed weapons only at ranges where hearing pro is customary.

    The ulterior motive would be to force everyone through the 9-month backlog NFA process and the legal perils and expense, thus pricing, thus restricting access. They could then arrest anyone on the street with a handgun that isn’t suppressed on probable cause of being illegally in possession because all the good people have suppressors.

    • Maybe government should do like our forefathers told them. Basically to STFU and go away in respect to guns.
      Almost all the problems we have in this society can be traced directly back to so government meddling.
      Right down to this virus

  2. Do you have any stats on who’s doing all the extra buying? Is it existing gun owners buying more, or new gun owners getting tipped over the edge into buying for fear of not being able to later?

    I wasn’t *planning* on stocking up on high cap mags, but if this keeps going the way it is I’ll probably do so. At least for the glocks and AR.

    • All gun stats are based on transfers thru an FFL. And you can put multiple firearms on a single background check. New gun purchase stats can also be had from the BATF, as manufacturers/wholesalers report guns shipped to FFL’s. Anything else is pure speculation.
      Kind of like; “A 150 million guns deaths since 2007”.

    • You have to combine a couple of different stats. I don’t have the numbers at hand.

      The infringers say that the increase in background checks indicates more sales but those sales are all to people that already own guns.

      They base this statement on polling data where polling data shows that fewer people admit to having guns in the home. I wonder why.

      The gun community points to the number of new owners classes being given. Instructors also self report but they are more likely to inflate their numbers, but they don’t have a real reason to lie about it.

      Thus we have a objective measurement: Number of NICS checks is going up. And we have to self reported numbers to indicate who is buying.

      What I do know is that AR parts are flying of the shelves of local dealers. Not just the completed firearms, but people are purchasing stripped lowers when they can.

      A local store is selling Anderson stripped lowers for $39/each. I can’t buy a striped lower online for that price after shipping and transfer fees.

  3. The leftist (Marxist/fascist) system requires that millions of people act against their own interests. The power mongers know that, initially, they need our permission, or at least our tolerance, and therefore people must be fooled on a massive scale for it to work. Therefore all “liberal” or leftist politicking is all about deception.

    Thus there are millions and millions of very deceived people (and we have to be willing to include the possibility that we’re deceived too). How else to explain that a professional news network apparatus, with its layers of oversight, could report that Bloomberg’s 500 million dollars spent on advertising would have been enough to give a million dollars to each and every one of 300 to 400 million people in the U.S.; men, women, children and non-binary gender types; everyone, and have change left over;

    They appear to be under a powerful mind-control influence, which has been saying for generations that we could all be well-off if we simply “tax the rich”, and that, furthermore, such would be a “sustainable” system.

    Thus, one dollar and some odd cents becomes more than a million dollars, just by the action of greed upon the mind. A cheap cup of coffee at McDonalds becomes enough to buy a quaint ranch in the country, with a nice house, with guest rooms, and a white picket fence around the horse pasture. A pair of basketball shoes becomes worth committing murder for. If only we could steal anything from everyone, we would all live like kings! It circumvents or co-opts the most basic of the cognitive functions of the brain. It’s a form of zombification. How else to explain the seeming popularity of the various systems of official, “legal”, wholesale coercion worldwide? Even our own Republican Party embraces such a system.

    The left has told us, or rather it has told anyone willing to listen (which apparently are few) that one of their goals is to de-populate the planet (Prince Phillip for example has said that if he could be re-incarnated he’d like to come back as a plague). I’ve been hearing this sort of hate-mongering from Progressives since my time in elementary school in the 1960s. I myself wrote an essay in high school about the human race being a cancer upon the Earth, and my teacher loved it! But the basic message is far older than that.

    The left desires and envies the authority of God, and wants to de-populate the planet. That helps explain the seemingly contradictory behavior surrounding their anti-second amendment movement.

    They MUST have total authority, and so that’s always the main thrust (there MUST be a government department of…everything). Total authority means, of course, having a monopoly on the keeping of arms. It’s a Progressive movement in the West, meaning they can’t take it all at once.

    It must be done incrementally, and so there has to be this period of flux, of various part-way and intermediate measures, as we’re trained to compromise, and then to compromise some more, until compromise is the only thing we value, the only “virtue” we’re willing to uphold to the death.

    If in the meantime each and every citizen were to arm up, and learn to shoot, and stockpile ammunition, that wouldn’t be a detriment to the ultimate goal of total, global authority. If during this period of acquisition of that authority, we enter into a civil war in which several million people die, so much the better for the left! They love mass death as much as they love coercive redistribution!

    That’d be a twofer. What better pretense for arms confiscation and other power grabs than a civil war, and what better way to de-populate at the same time? Aaahhh….that’d be like a breath of fresh air to any good leftist thinker! It is their desire of the ages!

    If a few, or a few hundred, politicians die in the process, that’s perfectly fine with them. In their system their own people, they themselves, are (in a sick and twisted counterfeit of Christianity) dead-to-self already. Once you’re aware of even a few fraternal organizations’ oaths and secret rituals, you begin to see this right away. A good friend who defected from one of those Greek outfits has the death’s head pin they gave him. It’s the same as some of the Nazis wore. It’s a reminder to the wearer that he is to be considered dead outside of the organization, that now his life belongs to the fraternity, that they’ll have his total compliance or they’ll not have him in the world at all.

    If you think about it just a little bit, it’s a mirror of the dark side of the Biblical narrative, for surely satan knows that he is, along with his minions, a “dead angel walkin'”. Part of gaining and holding on to followers for any criminal gang is convincing people that there is, ultimately, no justice, no peace, no hope, and even (literally) no life outside the brotherhood.

    Death therefore does not scare the fully matriculated ones, a) consider themselves dead already, and believe that, b) humanity is a stain on an otherwise pristine Earth. The lower level leftists, the dupes, are considered fully expendable, or cannon fodder, so it hardly matters how many of them die so long as they die loyal. They’re not far from the Muslim belief in reward in an afterlife (satan’s false doctrine of the immortal soul) for murdering “infidels”.

    Hmm; isn’t that an interesting false dichotomy? One of satan’s first lies on Earth was “You will not surely die” (thus instituting the false doctrine of the immortal soul, which even most “Christians” have adopted). Together with the lie, “You can be like gods” (also satan’s doctrine; the ultimate end state in the doctrine of evolution, as iterated by George Bernard Shaw and many others, including Roddenberry in the Star Trek TV series) these are the preparatory lies, to get us into a life of sin. Once there, the next lie is that there is no way out of that life of sin, that you’re a forever hopeless case outside of the fraternity (there is no salvation, so you must look out for yourself by staying with us!). See? It’s the lowest, street-level crime gang’s tactic, and it’s the global power structure’s internal lie too!

    And we tend to eat it up as it’s fed to us, as though our survival depends on it. And so anyone speaking the truth can be seen, by the greedy, fearful mind, as a threat to our very existence. “Kill the infidels!”

    In short; I think the Powers That Should Not Be are well aware of what they’re doing. Again; they use the stupid, the mind-numbed, and the hypnotized people wherever necessary, and they’ll knowingly say and do idiotic things in public for the sake of agitation, or simply to demonstrate that they can get away with it, but the leftist/Romish/Marxist/fascist planners themselves are quite intelligent and knowledgeable, and capable with basic numbers analysis.

    There’s no need to worry for their movement, Joe; the globalist, Romish left is in capable hands and will achieve its goals, for the most part, of a church/zest ate system of total authority. It will be welcomed with cheers of joy from many of the so-called “conservatives”, too. Their leaders (the “illuminated ones”) know it, too.

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