It has to be deliberate

Last Monday Seattle passed a ban on evictions during winter months.

Sometime last week I read about the ordinance proposal and with zero emotional content to avoid a biased response mentioned it to Barb to see if what was obvious to me would be recognized by her as well. Her reaction was:

What? That’s crazy! Did that actually pass or did someone just propose it?

Good. It’s not just me.

We discussed it a bit. We concluded the action has to be deliberate. They have to know the side effects of this feels-good law will be the raising of rents to cover the loss of rent from those who abuse the loophole in the law.

You can see it in the laws that make it more and more difficult to acquire and use firearms to defend yourself against violent criminals. You can see it in the refusal to prosecute property crimes. You can see it in the use of the legal system to prosecute political enemies while giving political allies a pass.

As I have said before, these people are deliberately trying to destroy society.—Joe]


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  1. In the poor neighborhood where I used to live, many of my neighbors would stop paying for their gas and electric in Fall because the utilities weren’t allowed to stop service. Come Spring, they would mosey on down to the office and pay part of the bill to forestall termination. They seemed quite pleased with their strategy. None of them could give me a rational explanation as to how always being behind on payments was to their advantage.

    • This is rent control. One that is not controlled by a rent control board but by each tenant as Robert describes above, whose individual honesty or mendacity controls what the landlord will receive for his or her investment of time and money (which is one manifestation of what Korzybski referred to as time-binding).

      It supposedly exempts tenants with higher incomes, whatever that means.

      If this law survives legal challenge, I foresee a sort of syndication of large rental structures, much like the way people own condominiums (which can be rented to others), where each landlord owns up to four units, and also an undivided share of the common areas and of maintenance and repair services. This will of course, be condemned as exploiting a “loophole”, causing another round of lawmaking by people with poor reading comprehension, and eventually apartment blocks will be owned by the government, who will be immune to all but the most powerful market forces.

  2. It’s called pandering and it is deliberate and stupid.

    It goes right along with telling criminals, homeless, minorities and the less well off, that they are victims and not responsible for their circumstances and that they need protection and sharing of the wealth from the law-abiding and successful.

    It is the story of the ant and grasshopper.

  3. A lot of voters support such things because they are good people who wouldn’t abuse the system, but they are simply too economically illiterate and gaslit about “racism” and “stereotypes” to believe the obviously predictable result will occur. They are not trying to destroy society, they are just proudly useful idiots.

    The people proposing, promoting, and passing such laws are trying to destroy western civilization, and should be punished appropriately.

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