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Iran killed 1,500 protesters and the American media yawned. Iran ordered everyone to attend the Terrorist Generals funeral and 56 Iranians were killed in a stampede. The media gave it an honorable mention. Iran shot down a plane killing 176 people and the media tried to blame it on President Trump.

How can any sane person vote Democrat after witnessing Democrats defend the Iranian regime after they caused so many deaths?

Wendy Patterson @Jetsgurl46
Tooted on January 11, 2020
[As Seventeen76 @Factnews replied:

@Jetsgurl46 you answered your own question with “any sane person”

Harsh. But fair.—Joe]


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  1. Politics in DC is gotten to the stage where if one side says black, the other must say NO white! Chocolate, NO vanilla!

    In this case, the left is forced to defend a regime that stands for everything Americans revile. A regime that would hang them from the first tree they came to if the had the chance.

    Dear democrats, I get it you hate crazy orange man but he is only one person in a country of 330,000,000. Don’t piss off the 165,000,001 just to defend your bias.

  2. At this point, I am wanting DJT to criticize a convicted mass murderer, or a convicted pedophile, and watch with schadenfreude as the left falls all over themselves to defend the aforementioned person, just because “orange man bad.” Maybe he could criticize Hitler. Then they’d be in a real conundrum.

    Iran shot down a plane, and they rush to blame DJT for Iran’s inability to distinguish a jet airliner from a jet fighter. I didn’t really think they’d go so overboard that they would defend Iran to the degree that they have.

    I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised, though. They did the same with North Korea during the Olympics. Anything to get ‘orange man bad’ out of the White House.

    • “…inability to distinguish” — it’s worse than that. The Iranian excuse is that they thought it was an incoming cruise missile. One wonders about people who can’t tell the difference between “incoming” and “outgoing”. Or for that matter a cruise missile “cruising” (at low altitude) vs. an airliner climbing rapidly to 30k feet.

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  4. The American left defended the Soviet Union from the beginning. Calling themselves “Progressives” very early in the 20th Century, they thus distinguished themselves from their Soviet brethren by their slow and patient, incremental style rather than the Soviets’ violent, precipitous style. Their end goals were always the same. This is long-established, historical fact, so it saddens me a little bit to see people looking at current events not understanding their deep roots in generations past.

    Those of us born at least 15 years prior to the USSR’s collapse know of its relationship with the American left from long and tiresome experience. I was born in the ‘50s, so I had a tortuous long exposure to leftists fawning over their beloved Soviets. Some people suffered with that even much longer.

    So the leftists are what they are. When can we accept that as established fact? When do we stop trying to prove what was proven in our grandfathers’ time, and then allow ourselves to act on that knowledge appropriately? Or must we be amazed every day, and thus never get past our desire to prove it?

    This reminds me of an e-mail I got from some Republican fund raiser (for is there any other kind of Republican?). The title was something like “Never thought the Democrats would stoop so low…”

    I replied;
    “You’re saying you’re incompetent then, being unable to understand what has been in front of you all your professional life. Already knowing by long years of experience that there is no limit to depravity, why then would I care to know what else you have to say while you have yet to learn what is so simple?

    “When can we stop being surprised and thrown off balance every day, and start responding appropriately? We do you stop being a grievance whore and start being a builder, and an uplifter of God’s word?”

    Why not just say “I never thought” and leave it at that? Then I can say “OK, well maybe you should give it a try.” But of course they really only want money, because apparently all true morality and commitment in government comes out of money.

    That’s what I ask the Republicans. I suppose we should ask ourselves the same question once in a while, for if we are to list all the crimes and outrages of the left, we’ll be working overtime for the rest of our miserable lives, never accomplishing anything else.

    Besides, if there are yet any thinking persons who haven’t already chosen a side, I want to meet all five or six of them.

    At some point the trial must be over, decisions made and some actions taken. A never-ending presentation of evidence is just that; never-ending. When that’s the only tactic, there is no conclusion to it. Yet that is what all the “conservative” pundits and politicians do. They’re agitators and nothing else.

    Who, then, are they agitating, and what do they wish their agitated victims will do that they themselves will not? Or is agitation the only goal they ever had?

    Adventists, among other remaining Protestants, refer to what we call the “end of probation”, at which time comes the judgment. But the judgment belongs to Him “to Whom all judgment is given”, namely Christ. Of course people are being born every day, so I exaggerate when I say there are only five or six who haven’t chosen a side, but at some time, some stage in the trial, there has to be a cut-off point where probation ends, and then the judgment.

  5. “How can any sane person vote Democrat”……

    The answer to this is self evident….the left is insane.

  6. It took me long enough, but I finally realized the truth.
    The Leftists are not insane. They are not stupid, either.
    They are evil.
    They are our enemies.
    And they want us dead and gone.

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