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Preventing a murder or suicide committed with a particular method is *not* a compelling governmental interest, because it is not clear if prohibiting one method will do anything to lower murders or suicides generally. It is arguable that prohibiting one method will lead to the rise of other methods. If preventing one method does not lower the overall rate, resources have been wasted and liberties narrowed to no effect. Thus, singling out one method becomes a matter of choice and preference.

Using the Orwellian phrases of Progressives is one of the easiest ways to lose an argument with them. If you cede to them the ability to define the words and terms of the language used, they win, mostly by default.

Dean Weingarten
December 8, 2019
”Preventing Gun Violence” is not a Compelling Governmental Interest
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


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  1. He’s right.
    But more important and more fundamental: “compelling government interest” is not a consideration authorized by the Constitution. Anytime you see a government official use that phrase you know the Constitution is being trampled.
    A particular power is either authorized, or it isn’t. The fact that an unauthorized power has a “compelling” excuse is utterly irrelevant, and should not be permitted to be used. Unfortunately, there is a long history of this abuse, and no sign of it abating.

  2. “…. “compelling government interest” is not a consideration authorized by the Constitution.

    “A particular power is either authorized, or it isn’t. The fact that an unauthorized power has a “compelling” excuse is utterly irrelevant…”

    Exactly. And furthermore, the more we engage in arguing the false assertions of the enemy the more we cede to them. Thus in arguing “against ” them in that manner the more we support them, for in so doing we grant them their false premises and place ourselves under them. There is no surer way to lose than that, because it denies the very foundations of liberty.

    In fact, crime reduction is not the job of government. Criminal justice is. Some crime reduction may result from executing justice properly, but it is not the authorized function.

    Anyway; ridding the world of sin is not within any earthly power, and so anyone who presumes that it is commits blasphemy. Hah! To put it another way; anyone who claims such power is claiming the power of Christ, and is thus standing in the place of (as the vicar of) Christ, and is thus anti-Christ!

    Besides there is no denying it; the more the left gets its way the more crime increases, for the left is crime itself, embraced, upheld, exalted and ensconced as public policy.

    Lastly, no earthly power can change that. The Prince of the world is indeed the Prince of the world, and so; what remains for those who believe in the fundamentals to do but to come out of that system and be distinctly separate from it?

    Oh dear; “fundamentalist separatists”! And so it is that now you begin to understand why those words have been so cleverly and perfectly maligned over the last generations. While the powers-that-should-not-be are quietly gathering all the nations into an ecumenical, one-world system, their worst enemies are those who embrace the fundamentals and refuse to join the party.

    And THAT will be the new standard of “evil” according the left. They in the “Unity” movement are already saying it, “Division is of the devil”, and practically everyone will be compelled to believe it, or to act as though they believe it (and there’s that “mark of the beast on the forehead OR on the hand” concept again).

  3. Furthermore, increasingly suicide itself is being seen as a fundamental right among the states.

  4. Beyond the other two objections, there actually is compelling evidence that minor barriers to “easy” methods do have an effect. The two examples I’m aware of are England’s switch away from coal gas, and the use of individual pill blister pack on OTC medications often used for abuse.

  5. The “government”….i.e. the people seeking to impose “gun control” aren’t interested in the slightest with decreasing the amount of violence or the number of deaths due to violence….REGARDLESS of the means used. They care about ONE THING ONLY….CONTROL. Any thing they mouth in their campaign to impose “gun control” will be a LIE as they simply don’t give a red rats ass AT ALL about the safety or welfare of ANYONE BUT THEMSELVES.

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