Quote of the day—Joseph O’Sullivan

Extending gun-free zones to include child care centers. Banning high-capacity magazines. Creating a licensing system for ammunition sellers.

With the Washington Legislature starting back up in January, gun-safety advocates, led by the Alliance for Gun Responsibility, are planning a fresh push to pass new firearms restrictions.

Joseph O’Sullivan
November 22, 2019
Gun-free zones, licenses for ammo dealers: Gun-safety advocates reveal agenda for Washington state
[“Gun-safety advocates”? The NRA is a gun safety advocate organization with thousands of gun safety instructors nationwide. It is unlikely these people have ever even taken a gun safety class let alone taught such a class or advocated for anything other than restrictions on the specific enumerated right of the people to keep and bear arms.

The deceptive language is intentional and very telling. They know they cannot succeed without deliberate deception and lies. It’s part of their culture.

Respond appropriately.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Joseph O’Sullivan

  1. Their very name is a lie; Alliance for Gun Responsibility. In it they’re saying that liberty is irresponsible, that the responsible thing to do therefore is clamp down and stamp it out.

    They’re echoing the Dark Ages once again of course. That is a period in history with which the left has always had an obsessive interest. We could fill a book with their quotes, of leftists gushing on about it.

    • Are they? Or are we? They (the left) have a whole grievance and restriction industry, with millions of people making a living at it, all supported by us, their victims.

      We’re looking at professional scammers, criminal conspirators, and we’re pointing a finger at them calling them stupid while we finance their efforts and begrudgingly comply with their illegal dictates. Tell me again who is detached from reality.

      • Strongly agree. They are not stupid but evil. And rich. We spend too much time venting about how unworkable their schemes are and their hypocrisy and not enough figuring out how to make them pay a price for violating our rights.

  2. Just criminals. Making it up as they go along. The real problem is we refuse to look at them the same as the Mexican cartels. And act accordingly.

  3. Joe, it is as you said in other places. They don’t expect this to make society safer. The object is not OUR safety, but the safety of the ruling class. The object is to create chaos and havoc anywhere the controlling foot of government is not felt with great force. So long as we vote, the object is for us to vote for more external control until we forget that control and discipline are born within each of us, so that if we are moral beings so much government force and enforcement is not necessary. The ultimate goal is for we the voters will eventually fear anything that is not expressly permitted by Big Brother.

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