Quote of the day—Miranda Yaver @mirandayaver

If you’re a white dude who’s doubling down on the necessity of possessing AR-15s, I’m making some anatomical assumptions about you.

Miranda Yaver @mirandayaver
Tweeted on September 1, 2019
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

The “white dude” is an new racist twist on Markley’s Law I haven’t seen before.

Congratulations Ms. Yaver! You have found a new low in the race to the bottom for childish insults to denigrate those who exercise their specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms.—Joe]


11 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Miranda Yaver @mirandayaver

  1. Well, I count as Hispanic, under threat of penalty of perjury since I am lawfully required to identify myself as such on a 4473. My kids will have to check a lot of boxes.

    I need AR-15s, plural, to defend myself from Democrat paramilitary groups (like Antifa and the KKK before that) that want to herd me onto their ideological plantation.

    If you want to quibble that Antifa is actually a revolutionary communist paramilitary group, while the black clad rent-a-mobs they use for cover are more properly progressive communists, meh…

  2. @mirandayaver does, without equivocation, acknowledge the necessity of possessing AR-15s”, so there’s that.

    An awful lot of leftists do seem to spend an awful lot of time speculating as to the sizes of other people’s penises.

    • Yeah, the leftist thought process does seem to be almost wholly crotch-centric.

  3. Yes Miranda, upon reading your statement, were making a few anatomical assumptions of our own. About your intellect.

    • From twitsville:
      “Miranda Yaver
      Political scientist (US law & policy), Health Policy & Management Postdoc @UCLA, freelance writer, @Columbia PhD, Cal bear, @springsteen fiend, @warriors fan”
      Rather makes a point about the current state of higher education, doesn’t it?

      • Nothing much new here. “Political science”, like other fields named “xyz science” is not science. It’s one of those that Robert Heinlein so nicely documented when he described how you can get a Ph.D. from “a prestigious California University” without doing any real work. The key is to pick a field (Heinlein suggested “Education”) where the merit of a thesis is measured by its weight, and scholarship consists of citing all the published works of all the members of the thesis committee.

        • Ya, one of my most precious memories was telling a PHD. “You know how to get a PHD.? You tell another PHD what he wants to hear!” The look was precious.

  4. Either a classic example of “educated well beyond the individual intellectual capacity,” or a classic example of an expert in one field assuming expertise in a different and entirely unrelated field, because reasons.

    But then, we have come to expect narrow-minded bigotry from higher education in general, and CA in particular.

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