Quote of the day—Gabrielle Blair @designmom

There are far better ways to protect your family than a gun. Get a life insurance policy.

Gabrielle Blair @designmom
Tweeted on November 24, 2019
[If true, that also means there are far better ways to protect family from mass shooters and home invasions than gun control. Just get a life insurance policy.

This is what they think of you. You are nothing more than a source of income to your family.

I think she has crap for brains.—Joe]


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  1. It’s worse than that if you read her follow ups and replies to the replies. She’s comparing home invasion and murder to acts of God like cancer or tornado. Her attitude is “lie back and think of England.”

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  3. This is what they think of you. You are nothing more than a source of income to your family.

    It’s worse. You are not a source of income to your family. You are a tax base, a source of income for the collectivists. They will tax that life insurance policy at all stages — as you’re paying it (in the form of corporate income taxes), as the insurance company holds it (they invest it and pay taxes on the dividends), and when your family collects.

    That your family also gets some of the benefit YOU paid for — after the government takes their mandated and enforced cuts — is a distantly-secondary concern.

    And that enforcement ultimately happens at gun point.

    • Besides which, a life insurance policy is not “protection”. It won’t keep you safe, and it won’t keep your family safe. It just helps makes sure your surviving family doesn’t also lose everything else if they lose you.

      At best, it’s financial protection, not physical protection.

      What it really comes down to is, they don’t value life, other than their own. Not yours, not your family members’. To make the claim that as long as there’s a monetary kickback, your family will be just as well off if you were violently killed, shows just how out of touch with normal people they are. (I have much stronger words than “out of touch with normal people”, but they are nowhere near PG-13.)

      There is something seriously wrong with people like this.

  4. I read that and had to collect my jaw off the floor.

    How on EARTH does a ‘life insurance policy’ protect ANYONE from an imminent threat?

    As Archer notes, this says VOLUMES about what they think of people.

    *muffled profanities*

    Edit: I had left a comment on her website. A quote, and a dry remark about how Hong Kong might be regretting their disarmament at this point. No profanity, no ad hominem. Much to my nonsurprise, the comment is gone as of this morning.

  5. This is a new low for American leftist agitators. Not that they haven’t thought these things all along. It’s just that now their doctrines have been established well enough that they feel comfortable saying it.

    So the answer to the holocaust would have been for the Jews to buy life insurance before they were herded into the gas chambers. Of course there’d have been few remaining next-of-kin to file claims because most of them would have been killed too.

    So to save the insurance companies, the government needs to “bail them out” by killing off the beneficiaries before the payouts can be made.

    The quote also insinuates the notion that “life insurance” buys some kind of immortality. Stick with me here; the loonies have already been thinking of these things for millennia. That wouldn’t be far from the notion of “downloading” one’s mind into a computer. If it were ever to become possible, you’d still die of course, and you’d be dead as hell of course, and there’d be a computer left over pretending to be you. The other idea they’ve been toying with is the freezing of one’s body, or just the head, for later resurrection. The ancient Egyptians thought similarly, as you’ll recall.

    Satan did tell Eve, “…you can be as gods.”

    Right, so after they take your guns and before their imps kill you, steal your stuff and occupy your home, you can be reassured that your memories and personality can be uploaded to the Cloud and thus live forever (so long as your family continues to pay the subscription fees). There’s a new notion of “life insurance”.

    “The Cloud”. Heh. You’ll be “living forever” in the “clouds”. It’s got a familiar ring to it, eh?

    “You shall not surely die.” It’s that old lie of immortality; the doctrine of satan, which has been peddled to us since The Fall in Eden. Even most Christians have fallen for it.

    • Yes. I’m wondering if this person is so utterly stupid that she actually believes a life insurance policy protects your life (sort of like a car insurance policy protects your car).
      It’s hard to imagine someone with that level of stupidity and still able to breathe, but it’s not entirely out of the question.

      • @pkoning: A car insurance policy does NOT protect your car. It helps pay for repairs after your car is wrecked.

        It doesn’t do a damn thing to prevent the car from being wrecked in the first place.

        • True. But it does (in theory, some of the time) get you a car again after a crash. A life insurance policy unfortunately doesn’t even go that far.

          • “Life insurance” is a misnomer. It’s actual “death insurance”. The analogs are “fire insurance” and “flood insurance”.

    • @KB Dave: Yes. The problem with her claim is what has to happen in order for a life insurance policy to start its “protection”.

      In particular, that you have to die.

      A life insurance policy is great, but it can’t give hugs, make egg sandwiches or French Toast, or reach that item on the top shelf that’s just a bit too high. It can’t snuggle or tell stories. It has nothing to teach.

      We support the right to carry defensive firearms so that we can hopefully NOT die. I have a substantial life insurance policy, but I know for a fact that, for all my flaws, my wife and kids would much rather have me than a cash payout.

  6. So if someone cornered her with the obvious intent to kill her, and then strangely offered her either a million dollar life insurance policy or a firearm to defend herself, does any person doubt the choice she would make?

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