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Gun confiscation is the goal. Gun confiscation has always been the goal. Thanks to a recent outburst by 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Robert (Beto) Francis O’Rourke, potentially millions more Americans are now aware of this fact.

September 20, 2019
Beto’s Confiscation Plan Shows Why Gun Owners Must Reject Appeasement
[This quote, from over a month ago, is nothing new. It’s mostly my lead in to this:

The NRA’s PAC raked in $1.3 million in total contributions throughout September, an increase of nearly $400,000 from its previous month, with an overwhelming majority of its cash haul coming from small donors. Of the $1.3 million, $981,277 was sent from individuals contributing less than $200. September was the fourth month in 2019 that the PAC has collected at least $1 million; it currently has $10 million on hand.

FEC documents show the NRA PAC brought in $50,902.20 from itemized donors before Beto’s comments on September 12—about $4,627 per day. After them, the group brought in $276,208.20—about $15,344 per day. That represents a threefold increase in daily giving to the gun-rights group.

The Giffords PAC, which works to elect gun-control proponents, reported just $11,000 in contributions in September, a major drop from the $195,000 it reported in August. Everytown for Gun Safety Victory Fund, an independent-expenditures only PAC, does not have to submit its next report until the end of the year. However, its mid-year report showed that the committee was given just $5,000, which was transferred from the group’s action fund. The Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, Inc. PAC has taken in just $18,000 this year from six donors and currently has less than $90,000 cash on hand.

The more than $10 million in the bank the NRA PAC ended September with is more than three times that of Beto O’Rourke, and even outpaces Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden.

There are multiple ways to spin this:

  1. The NRA loves gun control politicians. If it weren’t for them the NRA would go broke or at least downsize and lay off a bunch of people. But this same logic could lead one to conclude these anti-gun politicians love the NRA and are helping them with their fundraising. Politicians need a bogeyman to scare voters into supporting them.
  2. Americans support gun ownership far more than they support gun confiscation.
  3. Anti-gun groups represent a few rich people. Pro-gun ownership groups represent the little guy. This makes sense because the rich have connections to political power and can, if they wished, run roughshod over the masses using the government. Guns in the hands of the ordinary individuals empowers them and acts as a last ditch defense against the injustices of a corrupted and/or tyrannical political system. As Mao said, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”

It may be insightful to read the entire Mao quote. Marxism, Socialism, Communism all require a powerful government to enforce the redistribution of food, housing, health care, jobs, etc. to the politically loyal. A government can increase their power in absolute terms by increased spending on the military and/or police. More subtly, they can increase their relative power by reducing the private ownership of guns. The second route is less costly and less likely to alarm the general population. In fact, the second route can be, and is, spun as improving the safety and security of the average person even as it makes them more and vulnerable to the abuse of government power.

It should come as no surprise the Marxists, socialists and communist running for the most powerful political positions in the world want to take your guns. And if you value your freedom, wealth, and health don’t allow these villains access to the power they crave.—Joe]


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  1. It’s amazing to see more and more people call out the left for lying.

    They are without morals or guidelines so anything that pops into their head is OK. They don’t understand that the world they want to build will end up like Lord of the Flies – but it will be gun-free savagery. I wonder what they can dream up. Will it be something new or just a repeat of the savagery in history?

    As much as I hate to admit it, our abondonment of religious tradition and other traditions was a huge mistake. The first generation did OK because they still held many of the beliefs they were taught as children like the 10 commandants. But their children are not OK – many are amoral with an anything-goes attitude. It’s the perfect environment for a real-life Lord of the Flies experiment that they want to impose on us.

    I hope that it is not too late to stop this insanity. And those guns they want to confiscate – we will likely need them. But don’t forget about other alternatives.

    • “Tradition” is an old favorite word of the Roman Catholic Church, which perpetrated the mass murder of its detractors, and is once again, even now, consolidating its power worldwide.

      Let us not speak of “tradition” then, please. “Tradition” is what they use to supplant, erase and replace the message of the Scriptures.

      I think what you mean to say, without realizing it, is; “…our abandonment of the Protestant Reformation, along with its unconquerable zeal, was a huge mistake.”

      Without the “Sola Gratia, Sola Scriptura, Sola Christus!” movement, anything goes, including the tradition of blending church and state, and the tradition of brutally suppressing dissent against the Pagan, Graeco-Romanesque power.

      Be careful then, that in calling for a return to “religious tradition” you aren’t supporting the rise of the now up and coming, and even more powerful than ever, church/state abomination which defined the Dark Ages as Dark, and brought us terms like “The Inquisition”, “torture chamber” and “sizzle fits”.

      Most people will fall for the lie, from the Beast of old, which says;
      “We must come together on the things we can agree on, rather than allow ourselves to be divided on doctrine, for division is of the devil.”

      It’s very compelling, isn’t it? That’s how they’ll get you to ally yourself with the Beast, to you own destruction.

      By contrast, one of the repeated messages in the actual Scriptures is; “Come out of her, my People! Come out of Babylon! Babylon is fallen, is fallen! Come out and be separate!”

      Only a short time ago, all the Protestant denominations agreed, and proclaimed, that the Roman papacy was indeed the small-horn power, the Whore of Babylon, the Beast of Revelations, the anti-Christ, and they had all the prophesies in Scripture to back up that claim.

      For the sake of going along to get along however, that position, along with the Reformation itself (that “tradition” you’re struggling with, which is Scripture alone, which lifted civilization up out of the Dark Ages), is being officially abandoned.

      And so now we’re primed and ready to slide back into a New Dark Ages, aided by the very people who now decry the loss of Judaeo/Christian “Tradition”, unless we better learn our Protestant history, and find out also, for ourselves, what the Scriptures actually say.

  2. To put it into some perspective, the “big”, “powerful” NRA, even in its good times, takes in roughly the same revenue as a single, small-to-average neighborhood supermarket.

    A single Wal Mart Super Center, in a town you’ve never heard of, regularly blows away the best revenue year the NRA has ever had.

    (You think the manager of a single, run-of-the-mill, small-to-average supermarket is given his own company jet? You think they have their own food technology museum?)

    Any famous anti-gun group’s revenue is that of a single, failing owner-operated business, like the ones you see pop up for six months in a local strip mall and then disappear. They’re like the two old ladies who decide to open a quilt shop together at their husbands’ expense, never having run a business in their lives, and in spite of having no employees and thus no labor expenses, they never turn a profit.

    • “Revenue” is not profit. I expect the “profit” margins on the donations to the NRA are much greater than the neighborhood supermarket.

      Still, you have worthy point.

  3. “Gun confiscation has ALWAYS been the goal”. Ya, a lot of us got that back in the 60’s. Question is. Where in the hell has the NRA been? If you know that, why haven’t they been fighting like that? Their getting paid to.
    The NRA has been in on every major piece of gun control to pass congress. From the NFA in 34′ to the 68′ GCA. Maintaining the attitude of a DC insider all along. (excepting something as inevitable, so its better to do damage control from the inside).B.S. Everyone one of these intolerable acts should have been fought tooth and nail as “infringement” cases. Instead we hardly hear the word used.Where were they when David Olofson was getting railroaded?
    They weren’t in on “Heller” till three weeks before oral arguments! Their swamp. Sorry NRA, all my donation budget went to buy ammo this year.

    • Unless you don’t think the ’94 AWB was a “major piece of gun control to pass congress” you have somewhat overstated the situation.

      That said, I spend a lot more money on ammo than I do on all gun organizations combined. And almost nothing goes to the NRA. And if you include the explosives budget, well, that dwarfs everything.

      • Overstated? OK. If, confiscation has always been the goal. How long have you understood that? And NRA-ILA is just now getting it? Or just now speaking about it in the open? Their swamp.

        • I’ve understood that since I became active in the gun rights movement in the fall of 1992.

          The NRA has known that for much longer. Read The Gun Rights War for some of the history.

          Part of the problem is the Overton Window. At best you can only get people to see a little more than what they already see. Suppose one politician wants to ban “Saturday Night Specials” and claims it will save lives because that type of gun is most often used in murders. How do you convince others their real motive is to ban all guns? How do you convince others there won’t be any lives saved unless the experiment is tried? If the NRA were to go all “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!” at that point I suspect they would lose support rather than gain it. At this point our enemies have made it so clear even the blind can see there obvious intent.

          Incrementalism is tough to combat. We need to use it to our advantage, as has been done with concealed carry laws over the last 30+ years, rather than demand the death of our allies who have suffered losses when it was used against them.

          • I respectfully disagree. I was told that in the 60’s that in order to the free speech. I had to allow porn to be sold on the news stand. Was the overton window more open back then. Or now?
            I was told that abortion was to be allowed because it was a woman’s right to murder the unborn. Was the overton window more open back then, or now? And that one wasn’t even in the constitution.
            And since when was it outside the overton window in the 60’s to point out gun control was something communist were always after? After all the communist manifesto was read into the congressional record in the 60’s.
            No, if making a stand on the law is to radical for the common people. Why has it worked so well for the left? Hell, they don’t even use law half the time.

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