Skynet smiles

Via Chris Loesch:

Don’t worry. It’s only CGI. The real thing is still classified as Top Secret and won’t be released for field work until Beto is elected President.


11 thoughts on “Skynet smiles

  1. Yeah, it’s all fun and games until the robot decides to take out the jerks with the hockey stick and battering ram.

  2. I’m thinking it would be interesting to do some experiments with the guts of a microwave oven hooked to a horn antenna (basically a tin funnel). Should play interesting havoc with modern electronics, even if shielded. (Hard to shield sensors well enough and still have them sense.)

  3. I want to see one take a .50BMG round and keep on keeping on. Hell, I’d wager a .30-06 AP round properly placed would put a crimp in it’s mobility.

  4. CGI has gotten extremely realistic in these last couple of years.

    @pkonimg; I like the way you think. RFI hardening has been a thing for many years though. Now too, the possibility of remote sensing, as from a drone or three a thousand feet in the air, is not unthinkable. Furthermore a single, battle-armored humanoid robot in the near future is one thing (and makes for excellent television) but a swarm of tiny aerial killer drones is real possibility right now. Best get that super EMP technology up and running, because the time is right now. You’ll need a lot more than a microwave oven.

  5. It’s all about battery life. More armor= heavy= shorter run time. And the best sensors in the world won’t work after a thick coat of paint is applied to them. How it gets applied is the big question.
    Drone swarms have to be able to “see” you as human first.
    Everything has a weak point. Find it.

    • I’m thinking that instead of paint, shoot an opaque adhesive from a high pressure source to give it some range. Many years ago while working at a service station, one of the guys discovered the powered grease gun could shoot grease to hit the overhead sign on the other side of the property, if he put the injector tip on it. It was quite accurate, and probably 150 ft distance, at least. I think it was powered by the air compressor, but I’m not sure. More pressure would give more range.

  6. The countermeasure to such devices will likely be something very simple….like a juiced up cattle prod….. or homemade napalm.

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