Quote of the day—Andy Wilczak (@heyDrWil)

They locked down 5’s school today because they found ammunition on the ground. She’s in kindergarten. Ban guns. Ban all guns. I don’t care. Ban guns.

Andy Wilczak (@heyDrWil)
Tweeted October 23, 2019
[He has since deleted the tweet.

Interesting school response to ammunition. Makes for an easy “denial of service attack”. Some kid wants to be a jerk and they throw a handful of .22 cartridges over the fence into the school yard and the kids have to go into lock down rather than get a recess.

It’s an even more interesting response of Mr. Wilczak. A presence of a few loose rounds of ammunition with no injuries and extremely unlikely potential for injury is enough for him to justify the elimination of 10% of the Bill of Rights. What kind of mental issues, besides Hoplophobia, does he have? One could justify the elimination of the entire Bill of Rights with whatever criteria Wilczak is hallucinating.

Note that in addition noting the crap for brains exhibited by Wilczak you should also never let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


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  1. “5’s”? WTF? Part of the collective or what?

    And this mental patient has the same voting rights as you do.

  2. They are probably using 5 as shorthand for their 5 year old daughter, so “5’s school” would be their daughter’s school. While not necessarily compliant with conventional grammar, this technique of identifying which of your children you are referring to without broadcasting their name is common among “mommy bloggers” (and now mom-twitter I suppose).

  3. How many kids are stung by bees when out playing in the schoolyard? I’d wager just a few more than are injured by stray ammo. Do they lock down the school if they find a hornet’s nest?
    Given the level of ignorance being applied, I wouldn’t be surprised if they found an empty shell casing and freaked out about that. If I had kids in school, my infuriated self would be at the next school board meeting, demanding to know which Einstein thought it was a great idea to squander thousands of dollars of school funds on teacher salaries, as well as hours of lost teaching time, to shut the school down for nothing.

    But then, given that schools now just seem to be liberal indoctrination centers, maybe it’s good to keep them in a state of perpetual lockdown. Might have to go salt the grounds with some empty .22 casings from time to time…..

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if they found an empty shell casing and freaked out about that.

    It’s happened before. Once was visiting a town where the big story was how a trailer park owner (built in the 70’s) was trying to get a nearby shooting range (build in the 40’s) shut down as unsafe. Her proof? A handful of “bullets” she said she found in her trailer park that came from the range. The newspaper picture and TV coverage showed her holding a handful of shell casings.

    • We had the same issue with our gun club in PA. Little Miss Stake had a press conference and showed an intact 22 round that she claim was shot at her airplane, the airport being adjacent to the range.

      She told the press that the range needed to be shut down as a hazard.

      Someone pointed out the round had not been fired and she suddenly forgot about the whole deal.

  5. This might be a good way to get out of a test. Bring two or three spent .22 brass to the office and say you found them on the playground near the classrooms.

  6. It’s not just schools with this sort of idiocy. In some states, it’s illegal to be in possession of empty brass, minus a gun owner permit. Also, don’t cross any national borders, Mexico especially!

  7. The typical Republican would have to go along with Wilczak, out of fear of being accused of terrorizing kindergarten kids.

    You all know it’s true.

    I once had a world famous pro second amendment activist make that case at me; “We had no choice” he said, “they were killing us in the media.”

    Yep. He actually said it, thus granting all power to any enemy dishonest enough to earn it!

    He was a huge gun writer and NRA guy, and I’ve often compared the NRA to the Republican Party.

    The irony of course is that the leftists are actually terrorizing kindergarten kids, by, for example, hyping them up into a morbid, psychotic fear of little bits of brass and lead, or getting them to believe that human liberty is “destroying the planet” and their future along with it.

    For some reason, Republicans can never afford to allow themselves to appear to understand any of this.

    If they could, this would all have been over back in the 1930s at the latest, and America would simply be America– If it doesn’t fit with the principles, it gets rejected. If it does, it may be embraced. It isn’t complicated.

    As it is, we’re living in an insane asylum, spending half of everything we’ll ever make just to support the criminally insane so they can exercise power over us. Because…?

    To a Republican, blatantly false and blatantly stupid accusations of terrorizing kindergarten kids is worse than depriving those same kids of their Bill of Rights protections for the rest of their lives, and their descendant’s lives, while fostering psychotic fear in them. This means that the personal comfort of a Republican is more important than all the human rights and well being of all people everywhere.

    They keep asking me for money. I keep telling them to stop being whores; to do their job first, then ask. And anyway; don’t we already pay them their salaries, benefits, and pensions, even when they lie to us and do worse than nothing?

    Since when it is acceptable for someone, who refuses to do his job, to ask his employer for more money so he can maybe, possibly, sometime in the un foreseeable future, start doing his job?

    They have never made a case showing, specifically, how it is that money could uphold and protect our constitution when the politicians themselves have repeatedly demonstrated an unwillingness to do so. Or did I miss it?

    Can anyone describe a mechanism by which money could do something like that? I mean, the money would have to literally bypass all politicians, while in their possession, circumventing their will, and do that which the politicians themselves cannot or will not do. It would need to be smart, powerful, cognizant, self-aware cash, imbued with actual moral principles and having the right to vote in Congress in place of, and against the will of, the politicians.


    I don’t know about your money, but mine isn’t anything like that, so far as I know. Perhaps one thing it has going for it is that (and I’m only speculating here) even cognizant money cannot be bribed with money, being itself, literally, made of money.

    Maybe we could suggest testing this CPMT (Cognizant and Primcipled Money Theory) over at CERN, so at some as-yet un devised testing facility in the Nevada desert, but in any case we should wait for verifiable, positive results before we donate another penny to a politician or political party.

    The point of course is that either, a) all politicians are always playing us, all the time, and therefore aren’t worth spit, or, b) money is in fact truly and provably magical in that it, while in the hands of politicians, can do what all politicians themselves are supposed to do but never, ever actually will do.

    Surely it’s one or the other; either a or b. Which way do you think the evidence points? I think I know which way I’m leaning.

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  9. I guess he would consider a couple of free condoms thrown on the ground evidence that they needed to lock down the school in fear of a child molestor.

    • You’d think so, but the teachers aren’t afraid of them, after all, they put them on bananas every semester to teach safe sex to sixth graders.

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