Quote of the day—Shannon Watts @shannonrwatts

“Come and take it” is also a death threat. Given our gun violence crisis, law enforcement must stop giving pundits and politicians who say these things a pass.

Shannon Watts @shannonrwatts
Tweeted on October 11, 2019
[Watts doesn’t just want to ban guns. She is also opposed to freedom of speech.

No one should give her a pass on this. I hope she enjoys her trial.—Joe]


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  1. “Come and take it” is also a death threat.

    Hah! Nay, Lady; it is a response to an illegal act or threat of an illegal act. “Threatening” to impede a criminal act is not a criminal act, although the criminal mind certainly would like us to believe that it is. The roadside signs put up by our state read “Litter and it will hurt!” A “threat” as it were, against an illegal act, which, although it may be obnoxious, is not an illegal act.

    Given our gun violence crisis…

    Either she’s been trained in Alinsky or Jesuit tactics, or she’s picked up on an old trick and run with it on her own. She’s using the “C word” there, which is a decades old tactic;
    When in “crisis”, goes this reasoning, government must (or may [meaning that they wanted to all along]) assume unusual levels of authority, therefore everything always must be treated as crisis.

    “Crisis”, “emergency” and “war” are in the fantasies of every authoritarian.

    “…law enforcement must stop giving pundits and politicians who say these things a pass.”

    In that case, the left will need a lot more leftist activist (i.e. anti-constitutional, i.e. outlaw) cops.

    If we’re going to enjoin law enforcement to “do its job” then we could bring up that whole constitution and Bill of Rights thingy, which cries out for enforcement.

    As it stands, calling for law enforcement to rally in support of the left, arresting those who uphold the Bill of Rights and such, would be just as likely to arouse law enforcement against you. It comes down to the level of corruption that’s been achieved inside of law enforcement in general. I’d say the left (including Democrats and Republicans) has some way to go before they can start calling for the arrests, on a national scale, of those upholding constitutional principles. Give them a bit more time though, and it will surely happen.

    The criminals want to make us the criminals. This is that elementary school classroom bully who, from behind, pokes you and prods you, pokes you and prods you, until you’ve had enough and you either turn around and smack him or you threaten to do so unless he stops his shenanigans. At that point he cries out loudly about how he’s being mistreated by you!

    Also from elementary school days, I recall the best and only sure way to stop a bully is to smack him down HARD AND FAST! Otherwise, your undue patience, your appeals to reason or compassion (against which he is rebelling, and so he has none) will only further encourage and delight him in his evil ways.

    Also, Shannon Watts is gaslighting us– The criminal mind wants us to believe that we who uphold the law are the criminals for doing so! This is Dark Ages stuff. Romish drivel. Never fall for it. Always expose it.

    Republicans always fall for it, or pretend to (co-perpetrators or dupes? Only God really knows). It appears to be their mission, their reason for being.

  2. It’s not a threat. It’s a warning. It’s the decent thing to do.
    People considering this action need to know that they will not be uncontested.

    • In the manner of the rattlesnake and its rattles, I warn you with my rattles, which is a warning or a threat, depending on your intentions towards the snake.
      I doubt she would reach the same conclusion if we were discussing rattlesnakes on the trail.

  3. “Come and take it” is also a death threat.

    Yes, of course it’s a death threat. My rights, just like my life, are not up for negotiation. If you come for either, I will defend both to the death, yours or mine.

  4. Shannon Watts has expressed a legal opinion. Is she a trained lawyer? If so, I haven’t heard that. She is obviously well-trained to run her gums in support of World Marxism, but I will bet she has NOT read a single book on the legal nuances of the US Constitution. Just for you, Mizz Watts, try Ed Meese’s “The Heritage Guide to the Constitution”

  5. What a ridiculous accusation. It’s not a threat at all.

    It’s a promise.

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  7. When I first moved to Texas and learned about the “Come and Take It” flag, I realized that this historical phrase, which arose from the Spartan “Molon Labe!” of Thermopylae, was likely completely misunderstood by the Spanish force sent to retrieve the cannon from the Texans.

    Imagine the soldiers marching towards the townsfolk, and the commander sees English words on their flag.
    Colonel: “Sergeant, you speak English, right?”
    Sergeant: “Si, mi coronel.”
    Colonel: “What does their flag have written on it?”
    Sergeant: “The flag says to “come and take it” and has a cannon pictured on it.”
    Colonel: “Such cooperation by the farmers is commendable. Forward, men!”

    Yes, I believe the revolution in Texas probably started because of a complete misunderstanding. History is funny, isn’t it?

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