Quote of the day—Carl Bussjaeger

This is the 21st century; the firearms cat is out of the bag. If you want to use gun control to stop shootings, you need to reduce the nation to a sparsely populated Stone Age society.

Carl Bussjaeger
September 2 2019
Nasty, Brutish, and Short
[For the stated assumption this is true. But it’s not about stopping shootings. It’s about making the resistance of tyranny difficult. Certain types of gun control, such as successful gun registration, can accomplish that.

The obvious conclusion is that those insisting on gun control which has no possibility of stopping the mass shootings must have an incredibly evil agenda as their real goal.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Carl Bussjaeger

  1. I have been saying for years that the leftist are not spending hundreds of millions of dollars out of the kindness of their hearts. They have nothing good in store for those they deem despicable if they manage to disarm the citizenry of the U.S.
    keep your powder dry.

  2. “An incredibly evil agenda” That, or their a “useful idiot” to it. Perfectly said Joe.

    • “An incredibly evil agenda” That, or their [sic] a “useful idiot” to it.

      Whether one has an evil agenda himself, or is duped by someone who does and has therefore joined his alliance, is impossible to tell on an individual basis (for who knows what dwells in the hearts of men?). Does one actually believe the bullshit that’s coming out of his mouth or is he only acting as though he believes it? Who knows? BUT the results are the same either way.

      It’s like a gang of teenagers who got together and robbed a bank. Which of them is most culpable and which is the least? There’s typically a gang leader, and often there’s at least one who really doesn’t want to be there, but got intimidated and/or tricked into going along. That’s for the judge to determine, to the extent that it is even possible, at the sentencing hearing.

      Until the actual trial, wherein any such distinctions might be discovered, they’re all suspects, fugitives from justice, being allied as they are with a murderous agenda.

  3. “you need to reduce the nation to a sparsely populated Stone Age society.”

    Newsflash! To many power brokers on the left side of the spectrum a MASSIVE
    decrease in the worlds population is EXACTLY what they intend to ultimately achieve. And they are willing to do pretty much ANYTHING to achieve that goal
    up to and including starvation, bioweapons, nuclear war and anything else that might cut the population of planet Earth by some 90%.

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