Reaping the benefits of socialist governance

Seattle has admitted socialists on the city council and a terrible homeless problem which they insist on making worse. They are now reaping the benefits. The most recent is businesses leaving town:

Many Seattle businesses have petitioned the city regarding threats to both employee and customer safety. Now, one of the Puget Sound region’s most notable fast food chains — Dick’s Drive -In — is voicing those same concerns.

“The public safety situation that we’re in right now in Seattle is unacceptable,” Dick’s Drive-In President Jasmine Donovan told KTTH’s Saul Spady.

They already drove all the gun stores out of town. And, if they could, they would prohibit concealed carry. It is easy to conclude they are deliberately trying to destroy the city by making it impossible to defend yourself and inviting criminals to a specially prepared feeding ground..


One thought on “Reaping the benefits of socialist governance

  1. In Atlanta, GA in the late 1980s, the homeless camped out in the wooded ravines that still exist around downtown. A Georgia Tech group of architecture students got the idea of helping the homeless, and started building them small shanties, with floors, walls, windows, roofs, and a LOCKABLE door, maybe 4’x8′ and 4′ tall at most. They were built deep in the kudzu with supplies looted from building site dumpsters, and no notice was given to anyone about them.

    The homeless would find them, sleep in them more safely than in a tent, and have a chance at keeping their few possessions safe while they went out during the day.

    The City pulled them down as fast as they could find them. Can’t be doing anything to help people without being official!

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