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if who the president is actually scares you then clearly that office has way too much power

MJ @morganisawizard
Tweeted on July 24, 2019
[You would think this is obvious in hindsight and clearly applies equal to any of the half dozen or so political parties I can think of who conceivably could hold the office. But somehow there is a substantial number of people do not think it applies when one of their tribe is in power.

For some reason that scares me as much as the amount of power the president holds. How can people be so blind?—Joe]


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  1. She definitely has a point. Now the question is will she propose ways to enforce the limits on Federal government power mandated by the Constitution, and particularly by Article 1 Section 8?
    For a take on this subject via a novel, there is “Hope” by Aaron Zelman and Neil Smith. Good stuff; a worthy sequel to their “the Mitzvah” — which reminds me a bit of Rolf’s work “Heretics of St. Possenti”.

    • If the Federal Government was restricted to a strict reading of the US Constitution, with ambiguity resolving to a denial of authority, most of us would be indifferent to who occupied any Federal office. The lack of any mechanism to _effectively_ punish violation of the Constitution was, IMNSHO, the greatest error made by the authors of that document.

        • I respectfully disagree. The Founders DID provide such a relief mechanism (the 2A), and they wrote about it in the Federalist Papers. The Founders fully EXPECTED that an armed citizenry would KNOW when tyranny was afoot, and REMOVE the tyrants. If you must critique the Founders, critique them for not being more explicit on what makes a tyrant.

  2. And if other people can be so blind, then how blind am I (mote, beam and all that)? That’s the scary part about seeing such blatant denial of reality in others; it suggests the possibility that anyone and everyone can be subject to the affliction of significant denial, that perhaps none of us is immune from birth.

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