3 thoughts on “Short history of Milton Friedman

  1. I always confuse him with William Friedman, the father of modern cryptanalysis.

  2. While Friedman was instrumental in bunting to get on first base, it’s Murray Rothbard/Von Mises as clean-up batter who scored runs.

    Good on you for highlighting sound, sane economic concepts.

  3. I once saw an interview with Milton Friedman in which he stated that his participation in creating and instituting the “withholding” of income taxes was the biggest regret of his life. See Curse of Withholding Tax

    Without withholding from the paycheck, the system would have collapsed long ago. I think we would all be _much_ better off. I like to say that giving money and power to the government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teen age boys — nothing good can come of it. They had power, the withholding gave them entirely too much money.

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