Quote of the day—Jeff Williams

Los Angeles and San Francisco usually control most of what we get in the state of California. We don’t appreciate them dictating to us like they’ve been doing.

Jeff Williams
Mayor of Needles California
June 24, 2019
Needles declared itself a “2nd Amendment Sanctuary” city; wants exemption to some state gun laws
[You have to wonder what all the geniuses who thought of up the “sanctuary city/county/state” stuff for criminals think of sanctuary for people exercising their specific enumerated rights. I suspect we are soon going to find out.—Joe]


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  1. Oh, we already know, from counties and cities in Washington State, New Mexico, Colorado and Illinois declaring themselves 2A sanctuaries, what the sanctimonious-city (sic) crowd thinks about this.

    They hate it. They really don’t like their own tactics being used against them, so they call the gun sanctuary movement (and us) childish, immature, lawbreakers (Ha!) and worse.

    It warms my heart to see a California city do this too. However, I worry for what Sacramento will try to do to them for their defiance. Witholding state funding is a likely start.

  2. California is more conservative than most realize.
    That said, the asshattery that originates from the Bay Area(San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland) and the the LA Basin allows any kind of opposition to be completely ignored.
    You see similar situations with Oregon and the Portland cancer and the very obvious Seattle dragging Washington down the drain as well.

    Little bit of trivia: Needles is the hometown of Snoopy’s (other side of the tracks) cousin, Spike.

  3. “the asshattery that originates from the Bay Area(San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland) and the the LA Basin allows any kind of opposition to be completely ignored.”

    THAT is the whole reason for giving each state in the union only 2 Senators instead of a number equal to the population. To keep the little states from being ignored by the larger population centers. States “should” elect senators by county for that same reason.

  4. The spark for CW2 could well be an especially oppressive state government trying to enforce an unconstitutional gun law against an especially militant 2A sanctuary. CA is a leading candidate for this kind of confrontation.

    • I’m starting to think that it will be silicon valley that will cause the spark for CW2 as they push us too far. The government will be too deadlocked and reluctant to get involved and will let the tech giants and their corporate allies ban us along with our livelihoods.

        • Yep. Steven Crowder was demonized this week. Tim Pool is expecting it. Project Veritas is going and gone. Trump has censured on Twitter. Reddit has quartine a popular Trump forum. Even Ravelry, a knitting group, has banned trump supporters.

          If you run a site on any of the tech platforms expect it. If you depend up credit and banking services expect it. If you are conservative working for any of the tech companies expect it. If you speak up on Twitter or any of the other tech platforms expect it.

          We are in a cold/hot war for our future.

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