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I’m probably the only commenter here who has arrested and convicted a genocidal mass murderer. During my investigation, I interviewed witnesses in two countries, and their statements still disturb my sleep fifteen years later. (Quick example: A witness was being chased by the murderer, and only escaped because the murderer stopped to shoot a baby.)

So whenever I read about a new barbarity, it dredges up unwanted memories that I can only try to dispel through sick humor. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

I remember reading somewhere about judging and being judged. Or maybe not.

Old 1811
February 13, 2019
Comment to Quote of the day—Benedict Rogers
[Yeah, I’d bet he is the only commenter with those credentials here. Those experiences are rather rare.

Old 1811, thank you for what you did. Are there things you can share which will help others avoid enabling more mass murderers? Any advice on any related topics?—Joe]


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  1. Thank you for thanking me. I don’t get much of that.
    As far as any insight regarding “enabling more mass murderers,” I don’t really think I can help much. The case I investigated occurred in a foreign country in the midst of a political, ethnic, and religious civil war, and the perpetrator (“genocidaire”), who personally murdered over a hundred people, fraudulently immigrated to the United States under the identity of one of his victims. (Some of my brother and sister agents worked similar cases involving genocides in other countries. Genocide isn’t as rare as we would like to think it is.) So all I can really say is, stay away from civil wars. Those people on both sides who seem to be looking forward to a “Civil War 2.0” here have no idea what can really happen. I’d like to think that actual genocide couldn’t happen here, but I know too much about my fellow hominids to really believe that. All I can say is, pay attention, and work toward solving our problems civilly.

    • Absolutely right about CW2. I have never experienced it, thank God, but have studied it enough to know I want no part of it. Trouble it takes only one side to start it. That is why I want a civil divorce before it is too late.

  2. You told a disgusting joke in mixed company about the freshness of forcibly removed organs. I apologize for using sarcasm; I do not apologize for speaking up.

    Happy to talk more drew.rinella@gmail.com

  3. Dear Old 1811, I suspect Joe would prefer commenters not taking sides, but I wanted to let you know that he’s not the only one who appreciates your inputs, and that I thought your original comment was pitch perfect and and precisely on point given the nature of the story. Thanks.

    • Confirming user name “ttl” believes the exact statement, “On the bright side, any organ that’s been ‘forcibly removed’ (presumably while the “donor” is still alive) will be nice and fresh,” in response to an article about Muslim. Buddhist, and Christian organs forcibly harvested from living victims was “pitch perfect and and precisely on point given the nature of the story. Thanks”.

      This is good information to know.

      • Seriously? What is it about process of exposing the mindset of dark side that you refuse to understand? Or are you being coy?

  4. We all enable mass murderers (leftists, authoritarians and papists) when we refuse to believe they could be inspired by evil. We enable them by taking them on their word when they say they only want to make the world a better place. We enable mass murderers when we compromise with them. We enable mass murderers when we say they are “well-meaning but misguided” rather than evil and deadly dangerous. We enable them by latching on to their assertions and arguing with them on their terms when we should certainly know better by now.

    And, Drew, we enable mass murderers by refusing to listen to the truth about them, even going so far as to attack those who are trying to expose them.

    So, Drew, I ask you a question; given that mass murder happens, and given that some mass murderers have in fact used their victims in medical experiments and the like, and given that it is inevitable that some mass murdering organizations will sell the organs of their victims (we’ve already seen it in Planned Parenthood, and no doubt it’s occurred elsewhere), do you or do you not believe they would prefer, and set out to provide, the freshest organs possible?

    Whatever game you’re playing, Drew, please come clean on it now. Or are you instead going to double down and accuse me of advocating the selling of fresh organs from victims of mass murder? Or are you sticking up for mass murderers, saying that they aren’t all that evil? Maybe I haven’t followed your comment well enough to know.

    • Lyle I have truly no fucking idea what you’re talking about but you’re welcome to email me at drew.rinella@gmail.com so that I’m not clogging up this blog with my opposition to the nasty joke – making light of forcible organ harvesting victims – that was told in the comments.

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