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The gun lobby has long pushed a vision of the world in which anyone could be armed at any time, and in which you need a gun to defend yourself against that constant threat. By inviting the “era of the downloadable gun,” as Defense Distributed has coined it, we’d be one step closer to that dystopian future.

Nick Wing
August 3, 2018
The Darkly Twisted Logic Behind The NRA’s Support For 3D-Printed Guns
[The only twisted logic I found in the article was in that of the author. Why do they think that just because anyone could be armed at any time would mean there is a constant threat? In most states and locations in the U.S.it is already the case that someone there could be legally armed at any time. And most of the other locations are covered by the easily probable case of someone being illegally armed. The only way I can make sense of his view is if he is living in some sort of fantasy world.—Joe]


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  1. Fantasy world? No; Nick Wing is just trying to mess with people, trying to convert that which is normal into something bizarre and frightening, conditioning them to more readily give up and give in to the authoritarian system.

    I don’t for a second believe that he’s engaging in anything but “tactical ignorance” (a fancy way of saying “coyness”), which you might say is a form of gaslighting.

    In the service of an anti-libertarian system, he’s attempting to manipulate people. He’s fighting for that system, rather than attempting to come genuinely to any truth. “Tactical Ignorance”. Surely that isn’t difficult to understand. Some people, not just lawyers, train for years to be able to do that and still appear to be genuine and sincere. Some come to it more naturally.

    The instant you call him crazy, or stupid, or delusional is the moment he realizes that his schtick, at least his cover (pretending to be serious, i.e. his acting), is working– You’re engaging the character he’s playing rather than calling out the actor!

    “Oh, what tangled webs we weave…”

  2. I have to concur with Lyle.

    There is no sense to be made of his comment, because it isn’t meant to make sense.

    The NRA/gun lobby/gun rights groups don’t “push… a vision of the world in which anyone could be armed at any time, and in which you need a gun to defend yourself against that constant threat.”

    They do “push a vision of the world in which anyone could be armed at any time,” because common sense tells us that there are bad people out there who will do you harm, given the right circumstances. The “constant threat” isn’t that “anyone” is armed at any time, but that there are criminals who may already be armed and who will continue to be armed regardless of the law; criminals who will attack and harm and maim and kill, regardless of whether they are armed or not. That is the threat.

    Call it cynical, dystopian, whatever–it’s simply an observable reality. It is self evident. Criminals will harm people, because they are criminals. And disarming everyone else to stop that threat is delusional, or a blatant lie. Pretty obvious which way that goes.

  3. Damn! I was waiting for the NRA truck to show up in front of my house, I’d pick out a design and print it on the spot, and they’d move on to the next house. They could even play tinkly music on the loudspeakers, like the ice cream vendor.

    ATF cracked down on machine shops that were offering “build parties” where you’d position an 80% receiver in the CNC station and push the button, claiming that the machine owner was actually the manufacturer by providing the service. CNC mills are kind of hard to move around. When is Defense Distributed going to stick a computer, 3D printer, and inverter generator in the back of a Sprinter and allow folks to print on demand? I’d love to see media coverage of that!

    • “CNC mills are kind of hard to move around. ”

      No, they are not. (Computer, inverter generator, and Sprinter​ van not included.)


  4. The ultimate fantasy of the gun control crowd is that the absence of guns means the absence of violence.

    • Well, that sentiment may fit some fantasy of their ‘useful idiots’, but no Jay Dee, the true gun grabber only cares about gun in thre hands of their opposition. Their goal is that no one but they have a means to violence capable of political influence. Reference Mao Tse Tung’s: “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. Our principle is that the Party commands the gun, and the gun must never be allowed to command the Party. “

      They have their plans for their idea of a utopia and those who oppose them can’t be permitted to have the means to counter them.

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