Quote of the day—K. Sennholz MD‏ @MtnMD

Your children will be tormented every day of their adult life, because of the evil you spread. They will be called vicious names everywhere and will have to change their names because of the SHAME you brought upon them. This is just a fact.

K. Sennholz MD‏ @MtnMD
Tweeted on June 11, 2018
[This was in response to the following Tweet from Dana Loesch‏ @DLoesch regarding the money the NRA received from Russia:

$2,500 over a three year period in expat dues and magazine subscriptions can totally buy an election but $145m paid to the Clinton Foundation after the Uranium One (and $500k for Bill’s speech) sale cannot, apparently. #AntiGunLogic #ButMuhRussia

This is what they think of you.

These people have mental health issues. Never believe that they can be bargained with. Never believe that you can have a rational discussion with someone like this. Never believe they wouldn’t celebrate the creation of death camps for gun owners.

And most importantly you should never register or willingly give up your guns.—Joe]


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  1. So I decided to trawl around a bit looking for info on the good Dr. Sennholz.

    She had a LinkedIn page but it seems to be defunct (link is still up on her Twitter).

    Searching for ‘Dr Kelly Sennholz’ (the name listed on her LinkedIn) pulls up some interesting results in the Colorado area — one-star Yelp reviews, plus she seems to have a few entries over at Ripoff Report.

    A scam artist masquerading as a doctor? I am shocked, I say.

    • Is this Kelly person male or female? When I was a child the boy down the street was named Kelly.

  2. We see/hear so much of this sort of thing from the other side, perhaps you should create a new post ‘tag’; a sub-category of psychology called “Projection”.

    Just a thought.

  3. I think they would celebrate if a Democratic president literally starting dropping nuclear weapons on United States soil against United States citizens. I have come to the conclusion that they have become so insane that the United States government literally nuclear holocausting over 100 million of there own people to take all the guns by force and kill all who oppose is a good thing to them. After all, it’s just flyover country. They would throw parties and celebrations. I can just imagine the celebration at CNN and MSNBC headquarters. After all they are just propaganda arm of the Democratic Party anyway.

    • They were opening hoping for a nuclear war in Korea just to deny President Trump a foreign policy achievement, using American nukes against American citizens isn’t too much of a stretch.

    • It makes me think of the books and movies of “The Hunger Games” with the Capital being all the Leftist elites and the poor Districts are just there to supply them their entertainment. They destroyed one District in retaliation for getting rebellious.

      I think the Hildabeast is so cold-hearted that she would have been capable of nuking Texas out of pure spite. Thank God we have Trump as our President and dodged the Clinton bullet.

  4. Curses from a serpent, signifying nothing. It reminds me of the Wicked Witch of the West after she had water spilled on her (the water in this case being a small dose of truth). Salt on a slug comes to mind also.

    It isn’t so much that a person speaks against them. Their real problem is that anyone would consider it. It means you’re not playing along, and that can’t be tolerated. You’re supposed to be eager to play along in their hierarchy of authority of reward and punishment. Otherwise you are deeply flawed. Vermin. You’re not really even human.

    “How DARE you in your insolence presume to challenge the infallible one!

    “Infidels! Heretics! You will be brought into the houses of lamentation! Your soul shall be laid bare, and you will beg for death but it will not come, and curses be upon your children and their children’s children unto seven generations!!!”

    Yeah yeah; it’s all been said before, Cupcake. It’s as old as the hills. Next you’ll show us your dungeons and your torture devices, yadda yadda yadda, break eggs to make an omelet, yadda yadda, Ordo ab Chao. But my Father’s house is stronger than all your pontiffs.

  5. K. Sennholz MD‏ @MtnMD has a small penis and so that’s why he has to attack female gun rights advocates so that he can feel like a big strong man. His tiny little pecker makes him afraid of women and so his reaction formation causes him to attack them on the internet.

  6. Notice that K. Sennholz uses the passive voice.

    “Your children will be tormented”…
    By whom?

    “They will be called vicious names everywhere”…
    By whom?

    Why, by your ever-tolerant moral superiors, of course. After all, it’s truly kind and just to punish your family unto untold generations until the end of the Earth for what the collectivists view as your sin of dissenting from their hivemind.

    • Kelly’s comment seems more like a curse, something out of a fairy tale, than what someone would say in reasoned response to reasonable comment.

  7. Who can buy a billion dollar election in the largest economy in the world with pocket change/chump change/crumbs for such paragons of consideration for the poor of that nation as Nancy Pelosi and Charles “Chuck “Schumer?
    Why, the Bogyman, can!

    In the mind of the totalitarians, the NRA/ILA punches far over its weight. All bogeymen do, and unsurprisingly, we members of the NRA are today’s Kulaks for Schumer, Pelosi, Bloomberg and Soros, today’s would-be Stalins.

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