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It won’t happen all at once of course, but progressively. It’s already in progress. Eventually, everyone who dissents against the coercive state will be deemed “mentally unfit”. We’ve seen these kinds of things before, so there’s no need for speculation.

It is all in play right now, protected by our normalcy bias and our incredulity.

In case you still wonder how things have gone so far into the gutter of destruction and mass death in other countries throughout history; this is exactly how, we’re living it, so wonder no more.

April 17, 2018
Comment to Quote of the day—Stonekettle @Stonekettle regarding mental fitness requirements to own a firearm.
[Yes. It would seem we are living on a path to oppression. They want us dead and they are working the mobs into a frenzy. The mobs will give the politician the political cover needed to do the rest.

We must work the social angle. Wear your shirts, coats, and hats that identify yourself as a gun owner. Speak out when those that hate you express their venom. Stand proud, be respectful of the rights of others, and insist they respect ours. Do not let them characterize us as vermin to be exterminated.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Lyle

  1. They call themselves “progressives” because they’re taking our rights and destroying the country “progressively” … bit by bit, because if they tried to do it all at once, even the useful idiots might notice and rebel.

    • In the Soviet model, when the degradation process gets far enough along that the useful idiots have served their purpose, and begin waking up to the game, and rebelling, those “no longer useful idiots” become a threat, and so they are simply killed. They’re the first ones up against the wall. It’s a theme that’s been repeated in several countries. Yuri Bezmenov has detailed the process very succinctly.

      • Indeed. Two good examples are the fate of Trotsky, and the “Night of the Long Knives” shutdown of Hitler’s SA.

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