Trail of Tears

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Brian Keith provides motivation:

We like to pretend that genocide is something other people do- the Nazis, or the Tutsis, or the Soviets, or the Chinese Communists.
We Americans practice genocide too.
And just like those other people, we make sure our victims are disarmed before we butcher them.
The Cherokee, Muscogee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Seminole did not have the means to fight back against the genocidal United States.
So they died by the thousands.
Genocide isn’t something only “they” do. It’s something we do too.
Be ready.



2 thoughts on “Trail of Tears

  1. If I may submit a personal observation,I do believe that General George Armstrong Custer,hoping to achieve a great military victory over a confederation of Native American nations in order to secure a Democratic Presidential nomination did indeed discover far to late what a ” well regulated militia ” can accomplish.

  2. Nice post!

    Some of us like to play “what if” at times. For example; what if the European Jewish peoples of the early 20th Century had embrace a strong gun culture? The current American left may get very upset upon hearing that question, but then they could fall back on their false narrative which defines Nazis and Fascists as “right wing” and therefore be able to better accept the idea, what with “right wingers” being the ones in front of the guns.

    It’s a strange thing they’ve accomplished there, designating Republicans, or anyone opposed to the authoritarian state, as “right wing”. It actually works too, but only to the extent that Republicans have adopted so much of the Progressive left’s ideology. My leftist brother in-law once told me that G.W. Bush was a “Fascist”, to which I replied; “Yes– He is far too left-wing.” And so we were both correct, and of course he had noting to say. Literally nothing.

    “Violence only begets violence!” they might say. And well, yes; a perpetrator, the initiator of violence, might receive more violence in return than he can handle, and so he stops, either by choice or because his respiratory system has been shut down. So many Jews and other “undesirables” were murdered in the death factories that it is hard to imagine any more death resulting from well-and-properly-armed Jews fighting back. More likely though is that relatively little violence toward them would have occurred in the first place, deterrence being a genuine and effective concept.

    The criminal/authoritarian mind is not necessarily an entirely stupid mind, and will therefore pick softer targets whenever possible. When faced with hard targets, they’ll keep quiet and try to blend in, waiting for easier pickings at some other time. THAT, in spite of all their denial and mis-direction, is why they hate the American gun culture.

    And so, to those who say (or are tempted to think it without saying it), “It couldn’t happen here so shut up!” the true and proper response is;
    “If it is true that mass murder by government can’t happen here, then, to the extent that it is true, it is because we have a very strong gun culture in this country, serving as a deterrent, for there is nothing else to stop it when half of the country has ideals and principles entirely at odds with the American Founding Principles of Liberty.”

    Put your worries and reservations aside then, and cancel your appointments, make arrangements for a neighbor to feed your dog while you’re gone, and SIGN UP for Boomershoot.

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