Quote of the day—Joe Gallagher

Very unfortunate as this is caused by Trump spreading HATE. Why is it ok for him to do it but if it was normal citizen they would be arrested for inciting this type of behavior.

Joe Gallagher
Tweeted on April 3, 2018
Regarding the active shooter at YouTube Headquarters.
[Wow! I knew Trump was incredibly persuasive, but this is almost unbelievable.

Well… actually, I don’t believe it at all. Gallagher has some sort of mental disorder if he believes this.

And, in fact, if politics were involved (highly speculative at this point) in this shooting the odds are that the shooter was a Democrat and if the victims were not random then the chances the victims were not Democrats are higher than local demographics would predict. Hence, Gallagher has crap for brains and/or he is deliberately attempting to troll people.—Joe]


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  1. How about new gun control legislation depriving Democrats of their right to own guns.

  2. Shooter apparently was a muzzie(quell surprise)-vegan AND the popo’s were warned by her father that she might be unstable..
    On the other hand it was u-tube in commiefornia so…

  3. My bad; shooter was apparently a member of the Bah’ai sect, one that islim opposes. She appears to have been majorly upset that utube censored several of her channels.

    • That’s rather different. As I recall, the Iran theocracy wants Baha’i dead more urgently than most other religions they want dead.

      • Islam and Bahai are both part of the ecumenical movement. Thesis/antithesis. At the uppermost levels they are not enemies.

  4. From Hot Air
    “Why did YouTube demonetize her accounts? It’s tough to say without looking through the videos themselves, and YouTube canceled her accounts yesterday. A look at her independent website (still up) shows headlines for at least one animal-rights video with some gruesome imagery, but that was on someone else’s account. Most of the commentary on the home page consists of angry rants about corporate despotism in general and YouTube in particular, along with an accusation about a conspiracy to kill her over her animal-rights activism. Aghdam also complained on Facebook (account now suspended) about one of her exercise videos getting age-restricted, even though she appears to be dressed relatively modestly in a screen-cap by Buzzfeed:”

    Just another angry white middle age man acting up NOT!

    • I’ve looked and looked, and haven’t found the reasons why her YouTube vids were de-monetized. That would seem to the be the question of the day, but no one I’ve heard or read so far (until I saw your comment) has expressed any curiosity.

      We can be certain that it wasn’t because of veganism, Bahai religion, exercise or animal “rights” advocacy.

  5. If only we had closed the gun show loophole, banned bump stocks, registered all gun owners, banned the shoulder thing that goes up, and taken weapons of war like AR-47s and high capacity assault clips off the streets in time, she wouldn’t have been able to illegally conceal her registered Californian compliant pistol and shoot people with it. It’s time for common sense gun reform. Uhhh… The NRA are terrorists. Did I cover it all?

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