Einstein agrees

Sometimes you just have to shake your head in wonder and the inability of anti-gun people to process numbers:

Concerned for his life, he retrieved a 28mm pistol from his car, loaded it, tucked it into his waistband and returned to the waiting room, where he called police to report that he was in a dangerous situation and needed protection. His pistol was a model that fires high-velocity rounds, similar to a rifle.

Correction: An earlier version of this post mistakenly referred to a 28mm gun as a .28mm gun.

How difficult is it for the writer, proofreader, and/or editor to engage a little bit of common sense and think about what a 28mm gun would look like? There are 25.4mm in an inch, so this pistol, “that fires high-velocity rounds, similar to a rifle” would fire projectiles well over an inch in diameter at rifle velocities.

These people could not have possibly even seen a modest number of pistols. Furthermore if they had ever fired a common .30 caliber rifle they would know that a pistol firing a projectile greater than 3.5 times the diameter (and at least ten times the mass) would cause extremely serious injury to the shooter.

That they discovered they had an error with the caliber and managed to “correct” it with an even more egregious error indicts to me they do not care about the truth. Which leads me to something Albert Einstein said,

Wenn es sich um Wahrheit und Gerechtigkeit handelt, gibt es nicht die Unterscheidung zwischen kleinen und grossen Problemen. Denn die allgemeinen Gesichtspunkte, die das Handeln der Menschen betreffen, sind unteilbar. Wer es in kleinen Dingen mit der Wahrheit nicht ernst nimmt, dem kann man auch in grossen Dingen nicht vertrauen…

When the issue is one of Truth and Justice, there can be no differentiating between small problems and great ones. For the general viewpoints on human behaviour are indivisible. People who fail to regard the truth seriously in small matters, cannot be trusted in matters that are great.

The only reasonable conclusion is that Einstein would have agreed with us that anti-gun people are not to be trusted with truth and justice.


7 thoughts on “Einstein agrees

  1. They’ve edited it again. New correction just says “we inaccurately described the gun”. The text makes replaces the previous erroneous specificity with no specificity at all.

    Details, apparently, are for small minds.

    (Small, substantially correct minds capable of rationally perceiving the universe. And despite their smallness, apparently massively more expansive than that of a Washington Post reporter, editor or fact-checker.)

  2. They aren’t concerned with the details of the guns because the details of the guns aren’t what this is about. It isn’t about the guns at all.

    It’s about the type of people who own guns, and banning them.

  3. It’s the WaPo, the National Laughingstock. Did we expect any different?

  4. It took me a minute, but I’m pretty sure that the journalist was attempting to refer to an FN 5.7x28mm pistol. That also matches with the description of it firing high velocity, riflie-like rounds.

  5. I’m having trouble wrapping my head around a .28mm firearm, too. Hundredths of a millimeter puts this in the micron range, doesn’t it? It’s a weapon of massless destruction!

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