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So your argument is, “We’ve already violated this amendment to the point where all you have are very basic infantry weapons, and now we’re claiming those aren’t effective without the stuff we’ve already banned, so it’s reasonable to ban that, too.”

And I’m saying, we need to fix the entire problem, which we both recognize, and eliminate those laws so veterans (and determined civilians who for whatever reason were unable to serve), can have the weapons they need so we CAN fight tanks and planes in such an emergency.

The only people who could possibly object are the kind who want to send tanks and planes against civilians.

Michael Z. Williamson
March 2, 2018
Destroying Gun Control Myths, Part 1: “You Can’t Fight Tanks And Planes With Rifles!”
[I love the insight and clarity Williamson gives the issue.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Michael Z. Williamson

    • Molotov Cocktails were invented as anti-tank weapons (by the Finns, in their battle against Russian invaders).

  1. So .50 BMG rifles are OK to own, because they can shoot down helicopters?
    Finally, something reasonable about which we can agree with the antigunners.

    • Yeah, well your great grand daddy’s 30-06 could bust up a chopper pretty good too (to say nothing of the pilot), but don’t tell anyone.

      • Well, considering that the useful idiot anti liberty anti gunners seem to get all information about what guns can do from movies, which they regard as documentaries, I’ve seen a helicopter shot down with an AR-7 in that well-known early sixties documentary, “From Russia With Love.”

  2. Williamson makes an excellent point. Better still is the way it’s worded.

    • The rest of the article is excellent, too. Be sure to read the whole thing. And another half dozen of his recent posts.

    • “The only people who could possibly object are the kind who want to send tanks and planes against civilians.”

      And Mr. Williamson nicely turns the “If you’re against this confiscatory, prior-restraining, anti-Second Amendment, unconstitutional law I’m proposing, you’re in favor of killing children.” argument against the evil traitors who always say that after multiple murders with guns.

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