Quote of the day—Ridley Nelson

Without drastic reduction in the number of guns – by say 80 percent – alongside very tight gun type and use restrictions, we will continue to live in a country where deer get far better protection than humans.

Ridley Nelson
December 12, 2017
Armed as For a War Zone
[Really! Some might be tempted to demonstrate the fallacy of Nelson’s assertion with a side by side comparison of the differences.

And don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


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  1. Why 80 per cent? Why not 60? Or 90? Or 99? After all, we all know 100 per cent is the goal. Why the subterfuge?

    Oh, wait, I know why. Because more people will buy into it at 80 per cent, and since he’s just pulling a number out of his ass, what difference does it make?

    No. Now what?

  2. Trying to parse this. Deer are better protected than humans because law abiding gun owners obey the law, even arbitrary laws like method of take. Yet humans are in danger because law abiding gun owners can’t be trusted to not murder?

    I don’t think reason is going to help in this debate. I don’t think it is even a debate any more. All the information needed to draw an rational conclusion is right there, and yet the conclusion is utterly irrational.

  3. “…deer get far better protection than humans.”

    Huh. In Washington State alone in 2015 there were 37,963 deer harvested legally and reported to the Department of Fish and Wildlife. That’s a subset of legally harvested deer because not every legal hunter reports a harvest in time to make the stats (you can ask me how I know, or just believe me);

    One state. One year. Add in road kill and you get what, half again that number? Double? What’s the national per-state average deer harvest? Even at a low-ish 10,000 that’s half a million deer per year. My guess is it’s more than twice that, or over one million annually for the 50 states.

    There is poaching too of course, but we can’t count that because it’s killing that takes place in spite of the legal “protections”. Mr. Dipshit is discussing legal protections, not real ones. There’s a distinct difference. Try to take away 80 percent of all guns, for example, and that’s an attempt at a legal “protection” which will result in more death. So it’s fake, not real, protection.

    How many humans were harvested legally in 2015?

    Should we count taxation as a form of “harvest” of human life? In that case his statement approaches plausibility, just not in any way he thinks he intends.

    Maybe he’s counting abortion. In that case his statement approaches plausibility. I have no data on that.

    As for the “war zone” talk; he has a good point. The best way to secure peace is to prepare for war. Buy more ammo, and practice marksmanship. It’s a public service.

    In any case the guy is a gibbering idiot and I just wasted several minutes of my time being distracted by a gibbering idiot. So they win, I guess.

  4. Lyle,
    since abortion was legalized in the 70’s, there have been around 70 million performed. So, a bit less than 2M/yr on average.

  5. But, but…
    West Virginia Hunters Kill 44,455 Bucks in Firearm Season
    Add that to the other totals posted here.
    And no legal hunting for humans.

  6. Just in one wildlife management district in PA where I used to live and hunt, about 120,000 doe permits are issued each year. That’s just a small fraction of the state. And it doesn’t count the bucks. Assuming a 1 in 6 success rate, that would be 20,000 does, plus ? bucks.
    Even the hood rats in Philthydelphia only kill a small percentage as many other hood rats and innocent citizens each year. Law abiding citizen gun owners a small fraction of that.
    The article is pure nonsense.

  7. I have taken the weapon control correspondence with disheartening. I trust no one is under the misunderstanding that a couple of changes like better firearm buy checks, shutting a few escape clauses and clamping down on some quick fire gadgetry – all in themselves alluring – will by one means or another have a noteworthy effect to America’s national disfavor. While each weapon passing lessened is great, we are as yet not even in the correct ballpark in managing the size of the issue.


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