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  1. No bag limit, no season, and I assume no caliber restrictions?

    Now is the quarry liberals, gun-grabber Democrats, progressives, communists, and all the other nasty people on the Left? They sure seem Hell-bent on pushing us to this level of response. OK, you know I’m joking. I’m a peaceful man. I don’t actually propose loading them into cattle cars and FEMA buses, like their side appears to fantasize doing.

    • You’ll have to ask Jim. It would appear to be left to interpretation by the reader. I found more than one interpretation plausible and consistent with available data. The multiple interpretations was a significant contribution to my amusement with the quote.

  2. Well technically, I believe, “no season” would mean “no hunting”, e.g., if the fish and game department announced “no deer season this year” I’d take to mean “no season in which to hunt” or “no deer hunting”. “No season limit” would be something else.

    • When hunting is allowed, it’s “Open Season”. So, the proper term when hunting is always allowed is “No Closed Season”. Such is the case here in Oklahoma with feral hogs, for example.

      • There is a great deal of similar behavior shown by feral hogs and politicians.

        • While there is a certain amount of truth in this it doesn’t appear there will be similar hunting seasons anytime soon.

        • You must be thinking of H. Beam Piper’s “Lone Star Planet” (available at gutenberg.org, by the way).

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