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Contrast between freedom-hating decrepit Western Europe and Eastern Europe is glaring. Eastern Europe still has vivid memories from what’s down the statist road.

This should be a warning to US gun owners. You’ve scored major victories through hard work, but freedom haters will always come back. Defend the culture (take non gun owners to the range, esp. in restrictive states) so that gun ownership becomes and stays mainstream.

December 28, 2016
Comment to Courage
[Calimero lives in France.

There is another comment along the same lines from March 14, 2017:

There’s a strong divide, shown in today’s vote at the EU Parliament, between Western Europe and Eastern Europe.

Eastern Europe still has vivid memories from Soviet rule, while Western Europe is oblivious to (or downright embraces) the shift to leftism/statism. One may argue Western Europe never was all that much into individual rights.

Eastern Euros still have that yearning for freedom. And the West essentially fucked them over today.

I hope the Czech will be able to mitigate the effects of the updated EU firearms directive. Poland, Hungary aren’t really all that hot for gun control either.

France, UK, Germany, Holland all screwed the pooch.

Take a new shooter to the range. It’s a good first step down a slippery slope to a desire for individual freedom in general.—Joe]


1 thought on “Quote of the day—Calimero

  1. No one would have a more glaring vision of the depravity, decay and destruction of statism than the collectivist/statists themselves, who study that shit and live by it.

    Thus, knowing full well what they are doing, they are criminals, and worse, and at some point we will have to deal with them accordingly. So long as we play along as though this were just “politics” we are only encouraging them, granting them a false sense of legitimacy.

    In fact we are at war The enemy has made tremendous progress, has infiltrated every corner of our society and is even “educating” our children, and we still aren’t fighting back in earnest. We’re still playing along as though our deadly enemies have “good intentions” but are only mistaken in how to go about things.

    We are idiots who have participated in, appeased, coddled, and even asked for, the mechanisms of our own demise. Only by the brace of God will we survive it, for our cleverness and courage (such as they are) have been failing us.

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