Quote of the day—Thomas Fuller

Seduced by the lure of power, drunk on visions from “higher” dimensions, visions that tell them the violence they do is just, both coalitions have betrayed this chance at peace. Neither coalition will ever persuade the other to see things its way. There will never be a pan-American consensus. There will never be a universal vision of the common good. And because the “reasons” that justify each vision come from “higher” realms that are invisible to the uninitiated, reason will be impotent to bring these coalitions closer together.

And when men and women cannot deal with one another with reason, they will deal with one another by force.

Thomas Fuller
November 6th, 2016
Hillary Versus America: Knowledge Is Power
[H/T to Kevin.

I don’t agree with everything Fuller has to say but there are many other passages that resonate with me.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Thomas Fuller

  1. There won’t be a consensus? But I thought diversity was our strength! Oh, you don’t mean intellectual diversity, only skin color.

    • We’re totally committed to democracy, except when we lose, in which case we revert to standing up to the rights of minorities.

      And science? Get outta town! The scientific process is the ONLY method of arriving at the truth. Except when it disagrees with us, in which case it is all about consensus. Except when there isn’t a consensus, in which case all debate must be shut down using intimidation and threats.

      • Lyle, one of the most succinct, on-spot comments you’ve made.

    • M&M diversity.- A rainbow of colors, same flavor inside, only in this case the flavor is the same old poisonous politics of envy that’s been peddled since at least Karl Marx, and after some thought, the French Revolution and before that the various peasant revolts in Europe, of which Wat Tyler’s comes to mind.

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