Deception through framing

As we have been saying for a long time, they have to use deception to advance their agenda:

It’s never a “used car’’ but rather a “pre-owned vehicle.’’ Instead of “torture,’’ it’s “enhanced interrogation methods.’’ There are some things you just don’t say — and Rep. Elizabeth Esty is here to tell you why, at least in terms of the gun debate.

Esty told audience members at a Pride Fund event Wednesday to always sub in “gun safety’’ for “gun control,’’ lest you lose the support of 15 percent of men.

By framing the issue as “safety” they avoid the negative connotations of “control”. Nevermind that it is extremely rare any of them have ever taken a gun safety class, let alone advocate that people take such a class.

They have a culture of lies and deception, so, what do you expect?


7 thoughts on “Deception through framing

  1. And centrally planned, coercive control of human reproduction was “Eugenics” (a nice, “sciencey” term) and then it became “Racial Hygiene”.

    • Coercive redistribution is “economic justice”. Forcing others to participate in a gay wedding is “gay rights”, blaming your political opposition for bad weather and then punishing them for it is “climate science”, and government indoctrination programs are “public education”, etc. There are hundreds of similarly deceptive terms, all used to whitewash the practice of coercion.

      • A famous quote of Huey Long comes to mind: “Yes, we’ll have fascism in America. But we’ll call it anti-fascism”.

  2. “Gun Safety” comes out of their mouth, I immediately demand they support Eddie Eagle in all elementary schools. Either they support it, or they shut up about gun control.

  3. Their methods are always about deceptive framing.

    They say “Gun Violence” rather than “violence”, and they consider suicide “violence” which I would argue isn’t the first thing that comes to public mind.

    They also frame “gun owner” to conflate people who poses guns lawfully and for good purposes as well as people who own guns illegally and for criminal intent.

    And of course there’s the great “assault weapon” assault rifle deception.

    The list goes on, but the clear point is the anti-gun platform is at its core, a house of lies.

  4. Even when I agree with the left, I get so pissed off at their framing that it gets hard to support the issue. I’m pro-choice, but I don’t for a second believe that the pro-life crowd does what they do because they hate or want to control women. Likewise, I don’t for a second believe that these immigration policies (which I don’t support) are because of skin color and not terrorism.

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