Quote of the day—Head of Joaquin ‏@headofjoaquin

It’s a one-to-one correlation. The bigger the gun, the tinier the penis. It even has a name The NRA Penis Curve

Head of Joaquin ‏@headofjoaquin
Tweeted on September 21, 2016
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday! Via a tweet from BFD ‏@BigFatDave.

I always wonder, do they have peer reviewed research supporting these type of claims? Or if it was something worked on by themselves, what were their sample size and sampling methods? They really need to share their data before anyone can take them seriously.—Joe]


12 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Head of Joaquin ‏@headofjoaquin

  1. Headofjoaquin is a vile little twitter troll. Or was, he may have been suspended.

  2. The left has a propensity for censorship, quasi-religiousbelief over rational thought, violence, and authoritarianism. That which they accuse their opponents of practicing, the left usually exhibits without recognition that they do so. Note that they believe ownership of a gun compels criminal violence from the gun owner, because they themselves cannot control their urges to violence. The penis size versus gun ownership issue is likely a simple case of projection, too. Or perhaps more appositely, a lack of projection on their parts.

  3. His brain is smaller than his self respect for bering such a fine example of the south bound orifice of a north bound mule.

  4. *yawn* They need some new material.

    This twit (Twat, since we’re being so genital?) must actually believe his tripe. He wants to attribute this lie to the NRA? What an ultramaroon, as Bugs would say!

  5. Doesn’t matter. Even if it were proven true, all men and women would still have the basic, unalienable human right, guaranteed by the constitution, to right to keep and bear arms. Penis size (or any other physical characteristic such as sex, ethnicity, economic status or skin color, et al) has nothing to do with the existence of that right.

    The desire to deny rights based on any such thing is the very definition of bigotry.

      I agree wholeheartedly that it doesn’t matter who, what , or where, we all have the right of self defense.

      • Definitely. It also ties in directly with the answer to the arguments about crime statistics: my right to arms has nothing to do with some other person’s criminal actions using arms. Nor does it, morally, depend on percentages: if criminal use of arms were the majority case (which of course it is not, leftist lies notwithstanding) that still has no bearing on my law-abiding use of arms.

  6. does this mean you can grow your dick bigger by buying one of those NAA mini-revolvers? maybe they should use that in their marketing.

    • I’m not sure if it was Oleg Volk or another photographer, but I remember a photo involving a grinning man, a T-shirt with text along those lines, and an NAA Mini in his hand.

  7. It stands to reason that the small penis jokes are a coping mechanism in response to their lack of balls.

  8. If Head of Joaquin is correct about this alleged one-to-one correlation, then wouldn’t it be safe to assume that any person who not only has no gun, but hates even the idea of owning a gun, is a big Richard?

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