Overheard at Boomershoot 2017

Boomershoot was very well received this year even if the fireball was a failure (it didn’t ignite).

Some were via email and text message, but still…

At the Saturday dinner:

That was the best speech I have heard at Boomershoot in the last ten years.

At High Intensity:

This was the most fun I have ever had with my AR.

At the Long Range event:

I usually get about four or five boomers. This year I lost count.

Via email:

Joe as usual, We totally enjoyed Boomer Shoot 17.

Thank you and your crew AND family for hosting and putting on such an unusual and fun event.

The location is absolutely wonderful.

I totally enjoy the challenges of the venue.

It s great to meet new shooters and running into old friends.

I’m glad you feel appreciation for being Mr Boomershoot, because, as you mentioned, this event impacts more than just the attendees.  Best Western and High Mountain Resort are both outstanding.  The small town atmosphere is a treat when you are coming from Seattle.

Again thank you so very much for the wonderful amazing shooting opportunity.

PS… Oh yeah.  I’ll be there next year. clip_image001

Via email:

Thank you for yet another FANTASTIC event.

Whatever you did with the formula, this year, *KEEP DOING IT!!!*.  I have NEVER, in my 13 (nonconsecutive) years seen fewer targets for the cleanup crew.

Your stated goal for Boomershoot seems to be bearing fruit: the level of marksmanship this year was outstanding, which directly relates to the lack of cleanup targets mentioned above.

Via text message:

I think I figured out the draw for men of big explosives: closest thing to a female orgasm they’ll ever feel! Smile


4 thoughts on “Overheard at Boomershoot 2017

  1. I didn’t get a chance to thank you personally this year, but thanks for another great event! For the round trip we spend about 36 hours total in the truck, and I know there are people that have a way longer trip than we do. About 25% of our conversation on the way home was about next year’s Boomershoot. Those two statements should convince anyone who’s thinking about trying it to make the leap. Just be prepared for it to become an annual thing!

  2. A wee smidgen of Titanium chips from a saw added to your propellant will largely take care of any failure to ignite issues.

    • We have tried that in the past with mixed results. It wouldn’t hurt to have both the flares and the Titanium though.

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