Is she clueless, or hoping we’re clueless?

Or both?

The bizarre assertion is that feminism is being bogged down by its association with leftist causes.

Sisters; the one and only purpose for the “feminist movement” is to advance what are essentially Marxist principles and goals. That of course includes the defamation and de-emphasis of men, especially Jewish and Christian men, along with them the very concept of morality, and the de-emphasis of the nuclear family as a cornerstone of civilization.

Calling for outreach to Christian women who embrace the American Principles then, is like the PLO and the other jihadists reaching out to Jews for assistance in destroying Israel.

It could work in some cases I suppose, if you find enough dumb “conservative” women who’re only pretending to be conservative or pretending to be Christian but don’t really know what any of it means. You get them irritated and agitated enough, and they’ll be open to your propaganda.


Truly strong, American women have no use for the “feminist” movement. They’re already doing what they want to do, and the “feminists” (communists, essentially) have been verbally attacking them for it all along.

Constantly viewing oneself as a victim of this or that, or a victim of everything, is detrimental to one’s success, whether you’re a truly strong woman or anyone else (we have to be careful with definitions here though; to “The Sisterhood” of pissed off leftist women, the term “strong woman” means “nasty, dumb bitch”).

That’s the whole point really; the Marxist/Progressive/authoritarian movement needs as many people as possible thinking of themselves as victims and thus being pissed off, otherwise the movement has nothing. It’s the Grievance Culture, and so it doesn’t matter whether it’s women, men, black women and men, gay, trans, or any and all of the rest of Humanity; if we can get people pissed off and feeling like they’re powerless without Big Daddy Government stepping in to intervene in their personal lives, then the American Principles have been defeated right there.

It’s never been about protecting anyone’s rights or advancing anyone’s quality of life. The Original American Principles do that already. The Grievance Movement is purely about keeping the grievances alive and growing, as a political weapon against the American Principles.

And you in the “movement”, at least those few calling the shots, you know all this perfectly well. Nice try, keep it up and all, but your premise here is just ridiculous.


5 thoughts on “Is she clueless, or hoping we’re clueless?

  1. If anyone doesn’t think that feminism hasn’t already found it’s way into the Christian church, they are sadly mistaken.

    It has.

    It is a wolf in sheep’s clothing within the church that is causing a lot of problems. Problems that even (especially?) those within the church itself have no clue as to why. They postulate reasons, and suggest solutions, yet the solutions fail because the root cause is being denied. Or worse in some cases, embraced!

    Men generally are opting out of church involvement – for a reason why you can check out the book, “Why Men Hate Going to Church” (, which touches a bit on this subject.

    And as for feminism in the church, the books by Dr Wayne Grudem, Evangelical Feminism: A new path to liberalism (, Evangelical Feminism and Biblical Truth: An Analysis of More Than 100 Disputed Questions (, and Countering the Claims of Evangelical Feminism: Biblical Responses to the Key Questions ( should shed some light on what has been happening within the church. (These are not the only books on the subject – from both sides – but are the ones that I am most familiar with)

    My own experience (and belief) is that this is one reason why the divorce rate within the church is at or exceeds that of the general population. I could go on, and perhaps I will, but in my own blog space.

    Essentially what I am driving at is that within the church, there really isn’t much difference from the rest of those that aren’t in the church. So why should we expect anything different from the church than we get from the rest of the country?

    I know the thoughts and beliefs held and expressed in these books I’ve mentioned will “trigger” some, and simply offend others. I simply put them forth to show that there is no real difference from the general population within the church. Of course, not all people within the church are feminists. And some would be appalled at being called a feminist, but when you examine what they believe it is detrimental and at odds with what was taught as accepted theology for centuries and contains the seeds of feminism and marxist thought.

    Just some food for thought.

    And yes, the author of the original referenced article must either be clueless, or think we are.

    • Church membership is falling fastest among churches that are most “progressive.” If the Word changes with the times, then it must not be the Word of God, because He’d get it right the first time.

      It’s like women in the Netherland dating Turk/Arab/Muslim men because, they whine, Dutch men have become so effeminate. *gob-smacked look.* You mean the last 50 year of emasculating men worked, and now that you’ve cut their balls off and demanding to be treated a absolute equals, you have the audacity to complain about it and reject them, and say they don’t make you feel safe and protected? I think the PUA who say “Never listen to women about how to treat women” might have more than a small grain of truth WRT a not-insignificant percentage of the XX population.

      • You got it, exactly Rolf.

        Although there is another aspect to it.. where church membership may simply be remaining stagnant, it is usually because the preachers have decided to appeal to the ladies – in other words, they don’t think the women want to know about a Christ that can fashion a whip and beats money changers… so they teach the “healer” side of Christ, and not the strength. Which is why so many men are leaving the church. Who wants to worship a God that is weak, and backs down from confrontation?

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