Quote of the day—Scott Adams

One of the most underrated qualities of Republicans is that they police their own ranks. If you have a problem with a violent Republican racist, call some Republicans. They’ll solve it for you.

But don’t call a Republican if you are simply offended by another person’s opinion. In that situation you want to call some Democrats to ridicule and physically attack the person with the objectionable opinion.

Scott Adams
February 5, 2017
A Thought Experiment About Republicans
[Interesting observation.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Scott Adams

  1. Of course the R party polices their own and gets rid of actual unstable and violent members, which is acceptable. even good.

    Sadly, it also listens closely to democrats, socialists, and others who are not Republicans (cap “R” Republicans and republican leaners, et al), and takes directions from them on who is offensive (read: effective) and drums them out of the party as well; that is not only not good, it’s suicidal.

    It’s how we ended up with the Trump and the Alt-Right.

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