Karma – A dish best served cold

Or is that mixing to many metaphors?

In 2013 Reid and the senate Democrats killed the filibuster for some sorts of things, like Federal appointments. People on the left raved about how brave it was, how the filibuster was dated, anti-democratic, etc.

Shoe, meet other foot. Two nominally R senators defected from the narrow majority to vote against Trump’s Sec of Ed choice, Betsy DeVoss, to make it a tie vote. The vote could be forced and cast because of the no-longer-applicable filibuster had been removed, so it only required a simple majority to call for a vote. VP Pence cast the tie-breaking vote in favor of DeVoss. In office only few weeks and he’s already breaking ties. First time it’s ever needed to be done in fact. Definitely a term in office that will need lots of popcorn.

Joe, is your brother planning on planting popping corn this next year? I think the market prices for it are likely to rise with this surge in demand, and saying I’m going to go eat pop-lentils gets me some strange looks.


7 thoughts on “Karma – A dish best served cold

    • Sort of. It’s been over 30 years since I did this so I may have some details wrong. But try soaking them in water for 30 minutes, drain well, then put them in 250 F peanut oil for 45 seconds (protect yourself from hot oil splatter!). Salt to taste.

      • Also search on “puffed grains”. It involves pressurization under heat followed by rapid decompression. According to Wikipedia the process is centuries old, but it doesn’t mention lentils specifically.

        • Here I go and try to make a joke, and y’all go an take it all serious and literal-like, solving problems and giving actionable answers.
          Shish. Like I surrounded by anti-dems, or sump’n.

  1. Just a handful of garden sweet corn plants. We don’t have the equipment for raising corn of any type on a large scale.

  2. “Tells jokes to Aspies” as an Indian name is already taken by Tam, so I’m not sure what we can call you, but it has to be something close.

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