3 thoughts on “No longer the victim Hillary needs

  1. That’s excellent. It works as a universal statement;
    “No longer the victim [fill in the blank, but ultimately it’s evil] needs.”

    “No longer the victim Progressives need” is a good one also, or simply, “no longer a victim” (Hillary is only a current place holder, or representative, for evil).

    It’s a mentality, not a situation. We’re all “victims” of something, or someone, if we choose to look at it that way. Choosing to identify ourselves as victims does nothing for us though but give us an excuse to feel bad, or fail, etc. It’s akin to alcoholism, or any other addiction which keeps you from objectivity.

  2. About the “entitled to my life” quote: Particularly Stalin, but every other totalitarian ruler treated the mass of his subjects as the same as cattle, to be fed, cultivated and counted but always ultimately to be used as remorselessly as one might use an ox, to move things or to feed other animals, and if it dies, replace it without a second thought.

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