Boomershoot berm restoration

Last Friday Barb and I were in Idaho doing some preparation for Boomershoot 2017 (sign up here). The impact berm at the 375 yard tree line eroded away over the years. We fixed that and added probably another 40 or 50 feet of berm width so that we can handle more targets.

Update: Here are some more pictures I found.

This is of the left most area of the impact berm at the tree line with Barb seeding grass.

IMG_7672AdjustedI filled in the gap where the old explosives magazine used to be.


7 thoughts on “Boomershoot berm restoration

    • Caterpillar D4, model 2T. It has an aftermarket Holt blade on it. The original seat and fuel tank were replaced for greater fuel capacity and so a kid or two could ride with Dad when farming.

  1. Ah, man. Farmers get all the fun toys. 🙂

    But seriously, every little bit of improvement is good. Now if the last little bit of road / driveway could get properly graveled/culverted, it’d would be really prime.

  2. How about the “Malta Tariff”? Every entrant brings a 20 lb bag of pea gravel or crushed rock.
    I think it was the Maltese that imposed a tariff of a certain amount of dirt on every ship that stopped there as a means of improving the soil of the island, which was largely nonexistent.

  3. Oh sure, the berm needed fixing. We can read between the lines. You just wanted an excuse to play in the dirt with your grown up tractor just like you used to do with toy tractors as a kid. Right? 🙂

    • I did have a few toy tractors as a kid but didn’t play with them all that much. I used real tractors.

      This particular tractor has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. Mom used to pick me up after school, when I was in the third grade, and take me to the field to plow until supper time. I’ve been driving this tractor for over 55 years.

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