Quote of the day—Gary J. Byrne

Terrorists can recognize the difference between actual security and it’s mere appearance. You think they can’t see past a gun free zone sign? It might as well say, “Terrorists welcome! Ready access to undefended scores of innocent children.” Please get over the gun-control distraction. Ask yourself, “What stops four men from going to a school with knives or bombs?” I know that by the time a threat reaches me on an airplane there is no time for hesitation, talk, quarter. I want to win more than I can tolerate losing.

In 2016 federal agencies are training their law enforcement personal to respond to active shooter scenarios. Concealed carry permits for civilians are going up. That’s great!

But we need a more honest discussion. By the time a terrorist or a criminal boards a plane with ill intentions we’re past the time for obfuscating their plans or negotiating them down. Either FAMS personal is on the plane when it takes off or its passengers and crew are marked for death and they better know it. The Federal Air Marshal, the passengers, the flight crew, and pilots are truly the last line of defense. Public spaces and schools need the same approach.

Let’s cut the feel good politics and recognize by the time someone with dangerous plans reaches your doorstep it’s too late to ponder root causes of anti-social behavior. It’s time to act. All of the thinking should have been done beforehand. And the level of commitment to stop grotesque violence in its tracks, stone cold dead, has to exceed theirs if protecting the principal is going to succeed.

Have no misconceptions. Any outcome at that point will be bloody, ugly, and lowdown. It’s like nothing you have seen in any Hollywood movie. It’s going to be bad breath and fingernail close. But it’s a fight that is coming our way whether we get ready for it or not.

Let’s get ready.

Gary J. Byrne
Crisis of Character: A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand Experience with Hillary, Bill, and How They Operate
[I listened to this as an audible book so I probably have some punctuation messed up and maybe some spelling and other minor stuff. But it’s pretty close.

The book, as you can see, isn’t just about his time as a Secret Service Officer for the Clintons. It briefly covers his time in the Air Force, time with the Bush’s before the Clintons, testifying during the investigation by Kenneth Star, and time with the Federal Air Marshals.

There are some quotes I’m going to pull out about the Clintons too. But I thought this was higher priority. I really like it.

It’s a good book. I highly recommend it.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Gary J. Byrne

  1. My backlog of audiobooks waiting to be listened to has gotten kind of long lately, but this one is going on the list. I may have to put some podcasts on the back burner for a while.

  2. “…by the time someone with dangerous plans reaches your doorstep it’s too late to ponder root causes of anti-social behavior.”

    Why do I immediately think of immigration when I read that?

    • Lyle;
      For some, perhaps a lot of, people here in the U.S., it may actually take that “clue by 4” literally standing on their doorstep, before they finally ‘get it’.
      I really don’t like it, but if that’s what it takes to finally rouse the people from their *beer and ballgames stupor, that may be what it takes.

      *The current version of bread and circuses; “panem et circenses”

  3. friends:

    we have to learn how to counter attack immediately when attacked. viciously. no matter the cost. no hiding. no fleeing. no negotiation. tear the bastards limb from limb, and feed them their own livers, or die trying.

    john jay

  4. Joe: based on your recommendation, I downloaded the book yesterday, and finished it this morning.

    The guy is certainly no professional author, and his writing is not always smooth, but he has a lot to say, and what he says needs to be heard. Highly recommended.

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