What media bias?

Via Paul Koning we have The Unknown Olympic Champion Kim Rhode has won medals in six games. Cue the non-coverage:

How do you manage to win a medal at six straight Olympics and remain more or less unknown? The answer: win by shooting a gun. American skeet-shooter Kim Rhode last week became the first athlete, male or female, to win a medal at six summer games and the first on five continents, but don’t look for her on a box of Wheaties.

Mrs. Rhode, who won a bronze medal in Rio, has received little media attention despite her historic feat. The 37-year-old also lacks a single major corporate sponsor, though her ammunition and training costs are offset with sponsorship and donations from such firearms companies as Beretta and Otis Technology.

Her agent told Bloomberg he had pitched the sharp-shooter to more than 20 companies, with no luck. Our guess is they don’t want to risk a backlash from the progressive antigun culture. It probably doesn’t help that Mrs. Rhode is an outspoken critic of gun-control laws and a Donald Trump supporter.

What media bias?


4 thoughts on “What media bias?

  1. I saw an article a day or two ago where Kim Rhode was commenting on the evils of “gun control” laws: the new one in CA meant she had to undergo a background check every time she needed to buy another box of shells.
    The obvious answer, echoed by dozens of commenters, was “what are you doing in CA? Move to a real state!”

  2. friends:
    media bias, what media bias? it is clear that bush caused katrina, while obama had nothing to do w/ the new york hurricane, and the latest round of flooding in louisianna. he did nothing splendidly. not a word from those who know all.
    media bias, what media?
    john jay

  3. RE: Otis Technology http://www.otistec.com/default.asp

    Their manufacturing facility is about 15 minutes down the road from me. It was founded by a local gal and is located in rural, upstate New York. By rural I mean more cows than people. The county is the size of Rhode Island and has about 28,000 folks. She could have placed her business anywhere but made the choice to stay local despite the unfriendly regulatory and gun policies of New York State. We are proud of her, her employees and their contribution to the upstate economy.

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