Quote of the day—Julie Moreau, Ph.D.

Advocacy on this issue has the potential to make the LGBTQ movement even more relevant to national politics and to win over allies outside the community. Achieving gun control legislation would constitute, for Preston, a “contribution to benefit our society as a whole and give us the recognition and respect we deserve.

Julie Moreau, Ph.D.
Commentary: Is Gun Control Next Step for LGBTQ Movement?

That’s a mind bogglingly stupid conclusion. And from so many different angles. Here are just a few:

  • They are going to alienate one of the most politically powerful, single, set of people in the entire country. Gun owners.
  • They are advocating against their own best interests.
  • Attacking a specific enumerated right is not on the list of things of things to do for people who want respect. Maybe they should attack religion, the First Amendment, as well and try to get twice the respect.

I know I have a biased sample, but nearly all the LGBTQ people I know are gun owners. I find it difficult to imagine they are going to get much unity in their community on a gun control effort.—Joe]


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  1. So…. they gonna advocate that government clerks be able to deny permits/licenses without cause or due to nebulous “good character” moral requirements?

  2. Your circle of friends and acquaintances may be even more biased than you know. LGBTQ as a movement seems to be heavily leftist. The left is already attacking the religion and speech clauses of the first amendment. One of Hillary Clinton’s campaign promises is to overturn The Citizen’s United decision’s free speech protections. Restrictions on Judeo-Christian religion, restrictions on speech, and restrictions on gun rights are all important to a large part of the left.

  3. The LGBTQ community is experiencing the 2nd of Robert Conquest’s Laws of Politics:

    1. Everyone is conservative about what he knows best.
    2. Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing.
    3. The simplest way to explain the behavior of any bureaucratic organization is to assume that it is controlled by a cabal of its enemies.

    Sooner or later that community will realize they are operating under the 3rd rule.

  4. While most of the LGBT people I know personally as friends are politically like me, it’s because we met through channels where the not-LGBT part of their lives was at the forefront. It doesn’t matter if your gay to join the RPG gaming table for example.

    As a whole, the organizations representing LGBT folks are rabidly anti-gun and thoroughly left. My friends have lamented on it more than once and experienced black-balling and shunning from it. At least one has mentioned that they’re better accepted from the straight white skinhead (I’m bald) conservative gun-guy than the group that purports to be looking after their interests.

  5. This is just the latest “movement” to be first ignored, then upheld, supported, courted and then cooped by the authoritarians. The first one I remember was the MLK Jr. civil rights movement. I guess that means we should be concerned about the safety of any prominent LGBT figureheads then, especially if they embrace the constitution.

  6. “When you look at gun violence, it’s a multi-pronged problem,” he said. “No single court case or legislative action will resolve the issue. There is no single solution.”

    At least there is a partially true statement from the group. What people don’t grasp is that it doesn’t matter if it’s violence by burning crosses on your lawn, knife, gun or baseball bat. The violence is a symptom of the problems that need solutions.

    I live near San Francisco and know a fair number of gay folks and have taken some of them out shooting with positive results. They don’t realize that to a large portion of the NRA membership being gay is not a barrier to being accepted. Hey, I may not approve of someone’s preferences but if they support 2A rights we can be friends without agreeing on every issue.

  7. This is important. It is about forced equality. Why would a people seeking rights for themselves want to take the rights of others? Because it is the only way to force equality. It is communistic.

  8. No matter how many homosexuals buy guns, the gay lobby will never be pro-constitution.

  9. It would be neat to see a comment from Erin or Vara on the original article. (Perhaps there was one and I missed it?)

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