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@AdamPiersen @JoeHuffman @TANSTAAFL23 @MarkAWebster1 @NeLoNe79 @FShagW yes which is y I never date gun nuts. No little puny cocks for me 🙂

SusanBerman‏ @TripleMinority
Tweeted on January 8, 2016
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

Via a Tweet from Adam Pierson ‏@AdamPiersen.—Joe]


12 thoughts on “Quote of the day—SusanBerman‏ @TripleMinority

  1. With comments like that, the jokes about the proclivities, abilities, and sexual history of the commenter just sort of write themselves.

  2. This echoes an old 1960s Progressive slogan. Remember it?
    “Girls say Yes to guys who say No” (to the War in Vietnam against communist military expansion).
    “Make love, not war” is of the same bent. They’re trying to say that if you’re a communist at heart, or at least follow along, you’ll get more sex. Or in general; Marxists are the cool people, having more fun and being popular.

    Charles Manson, who’s desire for a race war lives on in the New Black Panthers and the Black Lives Matter brigades as well as the Democratic Party at large, used young women as bait to lure young men into his “family”. Sun Yung Moon also used sex as a lure for recruits. Nothing has changed. I have no doubt whatsoever, without even looking, that this sort of ploy is as old as human history. In short; sex sells no matter the product, only in this case the “product” is the destruction of America’s Promise and with it all of Western Civilization.

    The Dark Side, as cleverly evil and effective as it is, has a very short play list, and so it is that if you disagree with its agenda, if you stand up for the American principles of liberty, you’re a silly little fool with a small dick, whom no one is going want to hang out with, much less have as a lover. You’re just a pathetic joke and you may as well die.

    Don’t make the mistake of engaging. If you reply with, “Nu-uh; my dick is normal to largish!” or “I bet you’re just insecure about your own sexuality!” you have taken the bait and you’re now on the hook, playing on the enemy’s terms.

      • … or remind them that not every woman’s mouth is as big as theirs.

        Hang on, that didn’t sound like what I was thinking.

  3. Come on, barb, they(she) called the game and made the rules; we’re just playin’ by them, heh, heh.

  4. I’ve always been tempted to ask them for numbers, exactly what is defined as small? If they do supply a number just say ” I guess I’m a pro gun guy trapped in any anti gun body” and walk away.

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