Quote of the day—David E. Petzal

The forces acting upon the gun industry are Armageddon, for which we are all tooling up, and our Peerless Leader, who has sold more firearms than even Bubba Clinton, and The Horror That Is Hillary, who is lurking in our future like the Wicked Witch of the West.

David E. Petzal
January 25, 2016
SHOT Show 2016, Part I
[Via Caleb who has a much different, but entirely valid, angle on Petzal’s post.

As others have observed, if Obama and his friends want to reduce the number of guns being sold in this country they should resign from politics.—Joe]


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  1. Skipping the opportunity to whack at the Pinatas of gun control, let’s ask a few questions about the market demand for weapons and ammunition in general and “military style” weaponry the in particular…

    Why are Americans purchasing semi automatic weapons in such quantity?

    Why do many have so many Americans obtained concealed carry permits?

    Does the low esteem that a significant portion of the population have for government contribute to this situation?

    Are there statistically significant numbers of Americans that don’t trust “their” government?

    Are many Ameicans arming up with a vague idea that they might need to resist an oppressive government?

    I think that running through these questions can lead you to the idea that many Americans don’t trust their government, think that it’s far too intrusive and further that they may have to resist “the government” at some point. Which also brings up to considering the degree that this nation has become fragmented into different philosophies. One seeks to impose its views and tenets on the others and the main opposition is more focused on individual rights and responsibilities for ones actions (or lack thereof), bringing us to a point of conflict which may be clear see than we realize. A Clinton or Sanders win will likely see Federal/State relations and interaction strained to the breaking point, possibly precipitating a 10th Amendment crisis and a broader discussion of where this dis-United States goes from here (or at that point, there)…

    Jeff B.

    • I think that you have a valid point. The signs are there, and manifest themselves in many ways: people upset at the NSA’s intrusiveness, the push for the legalization of marijuana, the people fighting against gun control, and all of this against a backdrop of single digit approval ratings for Congress.
      Each faction has its own pet issue, but still has a desire to control others. For example, many conservatives are against gun control, but keep voting against the legalization of marijuana. This illustrates the only reason why it hasn’t all fallen apart yet: many want to have freedom while retaining the ability to tell others what to do.
      Where this ends up, I haven’t a clue.

  2. I figured after all the past festivities, that everyone in that industry would have known to never go “Full Metcalf”.

    I guess, I was wrong.

  3. Hitlery is the wicked witch of the EAST. There’s nothing western about her. Ewww..!

    As for the “Field and Stream” writer’s “fudd”, he’s obviously bought the anti’s “evil black gun” meme, “hook, line and sinker”… 😉 He also overlooks the AR-15’s usefulness as a hunting tool. I’ve carried one with a dedicated .22 LR upper hunting jack rabbits here in southern Nevada for many years. I also occasionally carry one in .223/5.56 chasing coyotes, bobcats and badgers. Lastly, I’m looking into a Bushmaster 450 upper for feral pigs. While mine are all complete rifles, someone on a budget could easily have multiple uppers for a singe lower. That is the definition of utility.

    I used to read Mr. Metcalf’s articles, until the “I believe in the 2nd amendment, BUT…” comment. There is NO “BUT” in “shall not be infringed”. Mr. Petzal didn’t quite go there. He just whined about the scarcity of fine wood stocks, bolt, and lever action rifles. Times change. He, himself, admitted he was simply whining at the end of his article. I’m inclined to cut him a little slack, but would suggest he open his eyes. The world we live in has become a very ugly place.

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