Quote of the day—Azathoth @ArkhamRealty

The 20th C Left had to shoot people en masse to get them to obey.

The 21st C Left plans on using dick jokes.

Azathoth ‏@ArkhamRealty
Tweeted on January 13, 2016
[This is only true because it’s the best the Left has available at this time. If they had the power to murder people en masse they would.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Azathoth @ArkhamRealty

  1. Eh, about that power to murder en masse… They have, and they are… Untold thousands have died, more every day, in North Africa and the middle east. The “Arab Spring” is a direct result of Ozero’s meddling and “regime change”. Ozero himself said he was “getting pretty good at killing people”, ordering drone strikes. Ozero and the left “own” ISIS and everything they do. They don’t have the “power” to do that here, yet, but they are working on it. Why else would they import hundreds of thousands of the same people they are bombing “over there”, if not to cause the same troubles “over here”. So the American people willingly accept drone strikes within the “homeland” in the guise of security? Why the mad rush to disarm us? (The question is rhetorical, it’s obvious)
    The American people are being played by “our” gruberment. All the “drama” in D.C. is kabuki theater.

  2. They don’t shoot people wholesale as much because they are afraid of guns, these days.

    Fear. It rules them. r/K theory might have a pretty good point.

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