Anti-gun mental ill health

Via email from Miles I received this bill introduced in Missouri by Representative Stacey Newman.

The TLDR version is, in Miles words:

It would create restrictive guidelines that a person must follow to purchase a firearm in the state of Missouri.
Basically you can only buy from an FFL that’s at least 120 miles away from your residence, after getting a psych eval signed off (I assume at the buyer’s expense), watch a 30 minute anti-gun video and take a tour of a trauma ER on a weekend between 10pm and 6am when there’s actually a patient being treated for a gunshot wound, visit two families who have had a family member shot and visit two “ local faith leaders” who have performed a funeral service for a teenager who was shot and killed in the last year. Oh, I almost forgot, I have to have my 91 year old father and 89 year old mother sign off on the purchase too as there’s no age limit for the required parental permission slip (and what happens if one is an orphan?).

Many anti-gun people have mental health issues. I have to believe this another one. It’s hard to believe someone, even the most evil, if they are rational, can imagine this would pass muster in the courts let alone with a majority of their fellow politicians. Even in the most generous of scenarios, signaling her virtue to other anti-gun people, you would have to conclude, “this is crazy talk”.

How does someone like that even get elected? They must have stopped taking their meds after winning the election.


14 thoughts on “Anti-gun mental ill health

  1. I know what she was thinking: Let’s see how many ridiculous hoops I put in the way of legal gun purchases, all the while claiming that this somehow pertains to people who legally buy guns and never use them in illegal ways.

  2. friends:

    i think that before lefties are allowed to open their mouths in public they should pass a history test on the founding of the nation, and it’s organic documents, to include the declaration of independence, the constitution, and the bill of rights.

    either that, or just confiscate their tongues, and seize all writing instrument, including computers and hard drives. (to see what they’ve have been watching and writing.)

    no search warrants necessary, of course. just be on a “no talk” list. seems appropriate.

    john jay
    milton freewater, oregon

  3. p.s. i don’t know.– think we should give their tongues back, after a reasonable waiting period? you know, a year or so, something along that line.

    • Sure. After they 1. petition the courts and the federal government agencies who took them away, 2. show a history of “reasonable use” of such items, and 3. affirmatively prove they will never misuse their tongues or computers or printers (or whatever else), ever.

      Sounds fair.

      (Oh, did I mention that 1. said courts and agencies will receive no funding for the restoration of rights and/or tongues, 2. showing such history is impossible considering they weren’t allowed to have the items in question, and 3. it’s impossible to disprove future misuse. Actually, still sounds fair.)

  4. They know it’s impossible, unworkable, and an illegal infringement. They are virtue-signaling to fellow travelers that they are the sane ones, the adults in the room who are trying to “do something,” and they care, oh they care so MUCH more than those vile, evil, degenerate extremist OTHERS who want to see the innocent killed off.

    And yes, they also happen to be insane.

  5. Isn’t this one one that was “modelled after” every combination of proposed restrictions on abortion? I think she has an interview saying this was legislation theater intended to mock anti-abortion politicians.

    • That’s a possibility, although I don’t particularly keep up with abortion legislation.

      To make a point though, Representative Newman has also introduced two other anti-gun bills. One requiring almost all transfers be done through a FFL and the other, a near duplicate of California’s confiscation – via any which way restraining order – law.
      So, while she may be indulging in a theatrical performance, she’s no friend of gun owners.

    • “I think she has an interview saying this was legislation theater intended to mock anti-abortion politicians.”

      Ah yes; the old moral equivalence ruse. It’s been in the evil play book since the beginning. Attack and mock those who point out your moral failures in an attempt to make them appear equally evil. In this case, those who wish to save innocent life both by reducing the number of abortions and by using firearms in defense of the innocent, are to be seen as equal to or worse than those who prefer more abortions and wish to violate the right to keep and bear arms.

      Mockery. It is to be expected, just as the turning of the seasons.

      I’m still waiting for a horse to be elected to the Senate. Surely some smart Progressive community organizer will think it up all on his own. It think it would have happened already if senators were still elected by the state legislatures. We have states that are far gone enough for that.

      • To paraphrase Count Vortala from Lois Bujold’s Vorkosigan Saga, “If a horse’s ass can be a Senator, why not the whole horse?”

    • Ha! That’s exactly what I thought — this is modeled after abortion restrictions.

        • Yep. We all agree that pushing little old ladies is bad, so let’s outlaw the pushing of little old ladies. There is, of course, no legitimate distinction between pushing little old ladies into the paths of trains and out of the paths of trains.

  6. Good manners prevent me from making statements about this person parentage…

    You’re all correct. The idiocy that’s on display every day with the elected “officials” of this country is stunning. I am proud of Texas. Love it here (migrant) and although I intended to head back to the SE when I had a chance, passed and elected to stay when that opportunity came up. Even with the Q.

    But, I freely admit we’ve got our own collection of village idiots, headed up by Sheila Jackson Lee and Eddie Bernice Johnson. Toss in Quanell X and we’ve got lots to be ashamed of. The morons in San Antonio, Castro and Cuellar add to the disgust. Statists all.

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