Delusions are often functional

From Twitter after my QOTD (scheduled for April 25, 2016, but due to a software bug is live now):

@JoeHuffman Is a divisive, old, tiny prick who was picked on in HS. We’ve always had guns and #MassShootings is new normal. Find a solution

bachety ‏@mbachety
December 11, 8:22 PM

Guys like @JoeHuffman are the problem. Our nation needs solutions to #GunViolence We’ve always had guns but not #MassShootings

bachety ‏@mbachety
December 11, 8:31 PM

I find it very telling his description of me having never met. Does he imagine he is capable of remote viewing or telepathy?

Old? Maybe. I have a grandson, does that make me old? Everything else is totally wrong.

Divisive? Wow. I get along so well with so many people that the other day one of my co-workers has to explain to me, in great detail, why someone else was, “A douche bag.”

Tiny? I’m 6’ 3” and 200 pounds. That isn’t tiny in my universe. I wonder what color the sky is in his.

I wasn’t picked on in high school. I was large then too and athletic—I was a three-year letterman. I only remember getting picked on once. Henry S. kicked me for some reason. He apologized and promised to never do it again after I caught up with him at the locked back door into the school. After some gentle persuasion he and I got along just fine.

I’m the problem in some way related to mass shootings? I’m still trying to figure out what color the sky is in his universe.

As Heinlein said, “Delusions are often functional.” In this case it helps bachety cope with his lack of facts and rational arguments about gun owners.


8 thoughts on “Delusions are often functional

  1. Don’t worry Joe. I’m sure the idiot here would make the same exact comments about me.

    While I was picked on in school, I never shot anyone or thought about shooting anyone. The one time it got physical, I ended it and people never picked on me again.

    They live in an alternate reality.

    • Same deal here, actually had a revolver pulled on me in HS, in the “gun control model” country of Canada, problem was I could see down the barrel and the cylinder… I told the guy I could tell it was empty and that I would first beat his ass and then haul him to the office if he didn’t get the pistol out if my face. Never had a problem with him thereafter.

  2. Look at us! Please look and and please see how quickly we are made to feel the need to explain ourselves!

    No, Young Grasshopper; this is all backward! The enemies of liberty are the one who must answer for themselves, not the advocates!

  3. “Guys like @JoeHuffman are the problem.”
    Wrong. The guys doing the shooting are the problem.

    “Our nation needs solutions to #GunViolence”
    Agreed. The “let people carry” proposal works, as shown regularly. If you’re not satisfied with that, please begin proposing suggestions that haven’t already been proven useless.

    “We’ve always had guns but not #MassShootings”
    Perhaps. If that’s true, then what changed to start all these shootings? Clearly it wasn’t that we stopped doing background checks, or registering guns, and it wasn’t even that guns suddenly got more capable. Here again, all are invited to propose solutions, but propose ones that haven’t been proven ineffective already.

  4. I find it very telling that they both say we have always had guns but not mass shootings. Logic would suggest some other factor than guns is the problem. But I realize that in liberal world, logic and facts do not apply.

  5. Kurt Hoffman’s quote here may be applicable.
    “I believe that being despised by the despicable is as good as being admired by the admirable.”

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