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  1. My response to such a person:

    You’re so tough, you’re so brave. Come take ’em. After all, I’m just a scared little coward. It should be easy for you…

  2. Yep, be brave and tough as Collin Goddard while he played dead and called 911 while he watched and listened to his classmates get murdered in front of him by a physically weaker attacker with minimal firearms experience.

    His penis could be 18″ flaccid and it didn’t help him a wit that day. Hell a firearm wouldn’t have helped him because he is an unabashed coward and blood-dancer.

    Hey, but this is the level these morons deal on.

    • Well yes, but he *was* taking a French class at the time, so there’s that whole surrender thing going on there… If he’d been taking Russian or German, Cho wouldn’t have had a chance.

  3. That’s a pretty weak insult. The entire purpose of a defensive firearm for thousands of folks is that they ARE NEITHER tough nor brave. They keep the gun in a holster attached to their wheelchair, or perhaps parked next to their walker at night. They range from frail, elderly ladies to broken, handicapped vets.

    Douchebag here wants to equate gun ownership with lack of masculinity. He’s sexist, ageist, AND discriminatory against the handicapped.

    • Amen to that!

      It annoys me deeply that anti-gun types want all of us to be buff football linebackers with weight-training, good health and probably martial arts training as well, in order to deal with those who wish to do us harm.

      Sorry, but for whatever reason, I’m stuck at 5 foot 6 inches and 160 lbs (and I probably should be less than that, rather than more), and my work where I pretend to be a software developer and wish I had time to be a mathematician doesn’t give me much time to build what little muscles I have (which wouldn’t be of much use anyway, if a linebacker type broke into my home)…

  4. He’s right that I might not be a good match up for a protein-fed hardened felon released early due to prison crowding (thanks Governor Moonbeam).

    That’s why I have shotguns to stop the threat to me, my petite wife, and my two young daughters.

    It’s not very Christian of me, but I do hope for poetic justice and the irony of having these anti-gun fanatics being on the receiving end of some good old fashioned criminal violence. They probably could still not connect the dots on the value of firearms for self-defense.

  5. “Tough” and “brave” in this sense refer to capitulation and surrender to criminals, tyrants and jihadists. That would be consistent with Left-Speak. If you disagree with the left, it means you’re a weakling and a coward.

    They already tell us that we’re “islamophobic” if we don’t like the idea of infiltration into the U.S. of thousands of jihadists. Why not “cowardly” and “weak” also?

    You don’t want truck bombs, vest bombs, public beheadings and the like in your neighborhood? You’re a coward. You don’t like the ever-increasing power and reach of the federal government in your life? Chicken! “Bok, bok, bok!” You disapprove of a constant gang presence in your city? Weakling! What; you can’t take it? Boo, hoo hoo! Go play with your tiny penis.

    If you disagree with the Progressive communists it can only be because there is some deep, pathological defect in your character. There’s no other possible reason for your stubbornness, right?

    This is prep work for various crack-downs. You, with your endless talk about the constitution and “rights” and such nonsense, clearly have serious, pathological defects that threaten the peace and harmony (with evil) in this country. It only makes sense that the public should be protected from you and your dangerous and discredited ideas of “liberty”.

    • Wow, you are spot on.

      What else could explain their devotion to the following:

      1. Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) despite the lack of evidence, even if their “cure” kills us economically and possibly literally.
      2. Islamic love-fest as noted with a complete blind eye to the human rights violations, religious persecution, and perverse violence.
      3. Paving the way for Iranian nukes, despite the likely targets of Tel Aviv and NYC per their cataclysmic eschatology.
      4. Economic suicide via enormous entitlements (ACA, SS, etc) and a crushing debt burden all so they can have social/economic justice.
      5. OWS, BLM, PETA, Planned Parenthood and other destructive or violent groups which actually harm the middle class, blacks, and the animals they purport to love.
      6. Disarm anyone that could resist the State.

  6. My retort: Half the sufferers of hoplophobia lack a penis. The other half are women.

  7. “Brave” and dead or armed and safe ? For anyone with functioning brain cells the choice is clear.

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