Steel match results

I was expecting the worst when I went to Whidbey Island for the monthly steel match. I have been very busy recently and hadn’t shot a pistol in nearly a month. After I arrived I realized I had left my race holster at home. My centerfire shooting was all from an inside the waistband holster and my draw time showed this.


I was surprised to do as well as I did. I did quite well (I won) with iron sighted rimfire pistol and decent (second place) with iron sighted centerfire pistol:


Name Division Seconds
Brian Lawson RF-RI-O 42
Brian Lawson RF-O 44.08
Steve Mooney RF-RI-O 44.99
Steve Mooney RF-O 51.36
Steve Mooney RF-O 57.44
Joe Huffman RF-I 63.54
Theo Newstad PCC-O 67
Scott Bertino RF-O 69.14
Jim Dunlap RF-O 69.93
Scott Bertino RF-I 73.31
Theo Newstad RF-O 80.17
Rev Barchenger RF-O 83.17
Dave Shupe CF-O 83.29
MAC RF-RI-I 84.11
Bruce Barchenger CF-I 84.27
Joe Huffman CF-I 86.34
Brian Lawson CF-I 89.46
Theo Newstad CF-I 91.12
Dave Shupe RF-O 92.05
Bob Austin CF-I 92.27
Bruce Barchenger CF-I 94.32
Larry Languille PCC-I 116.05
MAC CF-I 124.95
Dennis Bohling CF-I 151.76
Linda Pickering CF-I 165.21

RF-RI-O: Rimfire Rifle Optics

RF-O: Rimfire Pistol Optics
RF-I: Rimfire Iron sights
PCC-O: Pistol Caliber Carbine Optics
RF-RI-I: Rimfire Rifle Iron sights
CF-I: Centerfire Iron sights

PCC-I: Pistol Caliber Carbine Iron sights



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    • These matches don’t have classifications (as in Grandmaster, Master, A, B, C, D). Just divisions of what type of gun you are shooting. The results are only reported on their website and don’t get reported to any larger organization.

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