6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Berlincopa @Berlincopa

  1. WTH is wrong with these people that they can’t believe all of my equipment is fine and doesn’t need any sort of replacement? My guns are good, too.

  2. I still want to have it explained in detail how a gun can serve as a penis replacement. The two don’t seem to have any commonality in function. What am I missing?

    As a very poor replacement for a penis, maybe a “strap-on” would work a lot better than a gun I think. If the objective is to deliver sperm to a uterus, then a turkey baster or similar device would serve better still.

    Someone on the insane left (you know who you are – say, anyone who still likes Obama as a president for example) please explain your “gun = penis” reasoning, if any. Be concise; avoid any emotional outbursts or subjective language.

  3. In a choice between a small dick and a small brain , I chose a small dick it appears you chose otherwise. We can see how well that is working out for you. The stupid it burns.

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