Quote of the day—Amy Schumer

Unless something is done and done soon, dangerous people will continue to get their hands on guns.

Amy Schumer
August 4, 2015
After ‘Trainwreck’ shooting, Amy and Charles Schumer join for gun control
[She (and long time anti-gun politician Charles Schumer) plan to:

… introduce legislation that would offer incentives to states to share histories of domestic violence and mental problems with the Justice Department, which administers background checks for gun purchasers. It would also fund mental health care.

An first thought one might think this shouldn’t be a problem. But “domestic violence” includes “allegations of unwanted physical contact”. Presumably this includes attempting to physically taking a knife or car keys from the hands of someone threating to commit suicide.

Similarly with “mental problems” can include depression after the loss of family members and well as being the victim of years of domestic abuse. People with no indication of being a threat to others are denied their specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms.

And these bans are for the life of the accused. Some minor incident that happened 50 years ago with no further indication of any problems and these people are unable to legally purchase or own a firearm.

These infringements must not be tolerated.

And that doesn’t even address the fact background checks cannot ever be any more effective than bans on recreational drugs keep high school dropouts from getting high.—Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day—Amy Schumer

  1. To illustrate how background checks are worthless, the murderer at Garland Texas got his pistol from a gun store in Arizona in 2010. Somehow this caught the attention of authorities, who slapped a seven-day hold on the transaction, according to his Feb. 24, 2010, firearms transaction record, which was reviewed by the Los Angeles Times. Then, for reasons that remain unclear, the hold was lifted after 24 hours, and he got the pistol. This was the time and place of the “Fast and Furious” scandal that resulted in the death of Officer Brian Terry, so if the cause is unclear, the possibility remains that some one in Washington approved the transfer.
    Thanks to this event, there is now pressure to make not only every transfer predicated on a background check, but to change the default decision rejection rather than approval, turning not just CCW but the Second Amendment into “May Issue”.

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