Three-gun match results

As I said on Sunday I shot in three-gun match as well as the pistol match. I then said:

I haven’t seen the results from that yet but I expect I came in the top three or so. Maybe 2nd.

I was partially wrong:

Place Shooter Division Points Time Hit Factor
1 Joe H. Open (but iron sights) 261 106.93 2.4408
2 Adam M. Limited 214 94.18 2.2722
3 Steve P. Tactical 156 81.21 1.9210
4 Velle K. Limited 251 133.12 1.8855
5 Don W. Tactical 198 116.56 1.6987
6 Roger W. Limited Major 238 147.19 1.6170
7 Jesse W. Tactical 152 123.47 1.2311
8 Terri B. Open 242 281.8 0.7878

I had based my estimate on my time. I knew my hits (points) were good but I didn’t know they were that much better than everyone else.

I was a little annoyed that even though I had iron sights on everything I was put in open division simply because my shotgun had detachable magazines. Other people with scopes on their rifles were not in “Open”. I got the last laugh on that though. Adam had his rifle scope fail. It literally broke with internal components displaced and visible through the ocular lens. He was left with attempting to look under the scope along the barrel as best he could, seeing where his hits were, adjusting, and shooting again. He shot fast but had poor hits.



2 thoughts on “Three-gun match results

  1. Nice goin’.

    Things do break. Our Instructor course teacher made sure we all defined a gun’s safety mechanism as “a mechanical device, which can fail” and he had us repeat it several times throughout the course. That goes for any other part of the gun as well.

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